June 23, 2012

James Catalano is a South Tampa fella who came to Nosara to ply the skills he’s acquired in the challenging fishery of Tampa Bay. He enlisted the Wanderer for a quick 2.5 hour morning trip and Captain William set this party up right on top of the reef.

They hooked up two Jack Crevelles right away, then James tossed a top water plug to this beautiful Rooster fish.

Looks like First Mate Alex has been putting in time on the weight bench. Like all our Rooster fish catches, this majestic marine beast was released.

Great work by James Catalano on such a short trip!

June 22, 2012

Two time Hall of Famer Dennis Paul has returned to Nosara for another four day fishing expedition. His first trip of the week was on the Explorer with Captain David and around 9am Dennis cemented his world-class reputation with this Hall of Fame caliber Rooster Fish:

This monster is one of the biggest pez gallo we have ever seen and upon releasing it Captain David estimate her at 80+ lbs.

Dennis Paul added a few nice Yellowfin Tunas for the dinner table after becoming the 1st three-time FishingNosara Hall of Famer; it is also worth pointing out that his three enshrined fish were all different species.

Mr. Paul still has three days of fishing coming up so look out for this red-hot angler.

June 22, 2012

Client John Baumgart and his wife set off on their first of three fishing trips with FishingNosara on June 22. They chose the mighty Wanderer for their inaugural trip and within the first hour of trolling were rewarded with this mammoth Yellowfin Tuna.

First Mate Alex put out the billfish spread and around 11am a big mean Pacific Sailfish had gulped the hook and was pulling against Mr. Baumgart with all of its strength.

All eyes were on John as he slowly won back line from the monster and brought her alongside the Wanderer. Captain William displayed his mastery of boat handling as he cut off this creature’s attempts to outflank the flagship.

Good game, shake hands.

As always this billfish was safely released and we look forward to catching her another day. Great start to the week for Team Baumgart.

June 21, 2012

Wayne Estes and his son Trevor finished the 18th birthday fishing extravaganza with an excellent Yellowfin harvest on the Wanderer. They had a peaceful adventure and pulled in several nice Tunas to boot.

Wayne has fished with FishingNosara since the very beginning but this was  unique chance to hit the water with only his just-turned-18 year old son. These are the kind of bonding experience that can’t be defined with words, but when we see pictures like this one below, we are just happy to help these moments happen.

Pura vida!

June 20, 2012

Steve Wallace took a ton of filets today on the unbeatable Explorer as the incomparable Captain David delivered two meaty fish for the dinner table. The highlight was this 40lbs. Yellowfin Tuna that is every ounce as good as it looks.

These Coastal Carolina anglers didn’t let up and their efforts also yielded this excellent 33lbs. Dorado.

Steve has booked another day on the Explorer so keep an eye right here on the FishingNosara blog for all the up-to-the-minute reports.

June 19, 2012

Waynes Estes and his son Trevor were back on the Wanderer today and were determined to hunt the reef dwellers. Trevor caught the first fish of the day, this rare and elusive Blue Jack Crevelle.

In fact the Jacks were thick all day as the Estes’ boys mopped up the Crevalles.

Check out Wayne’s old-school FishingNosara T-shirt…this ain’t no first timer folks!

The action heated up in a major way in the afternoon as not one, not two, but THREE Roosterfish found the hooks. This comes on the heels of the Wanderer‘s double Rooster day last week.

Fantastic work by this Jacksonville-based Father and son fishing team!

All three pez gallo were released safely and we look forward to catching them many more times.