November 21, 2012

Craig Sutton has been hunting billfish all week in between surf sessions with his extended family and relaxing on the NPR campus. The waves have been strong but the billfish have been scarce.

The Explorer sought to end the drought on November 21 as Captain David pointed the super panga off shore. Just after 9pm this Pacific Sailfish came screaming through the spread and even though he only weighs 85lbs. this Sail fought with vigor.

Craig and Carlos executed a safe revival and release as always, so we can look forward to seeing this bad mamajamma later on down the line. when he weighs 185lbs.!

Craig still has two more fishing days so lets see if he can find that ever-elusive Marlin. Stay Tuned!

November 20, 2012

Richmond Phipps is FishingNosara’s only Lifetime Achievement Hall of Famer for good reason; she’s been harvesting marine life in this area since the 1970’s and since day one has been a guiding light for our fishing group.

She brought her staff to the Explorer to celebrate Thanksgiving and Captain David did a masterful job of handling the full boat and still catching a whopper.

This lovely Cuberra Snapper wieghs about 35lbs. and is delicious eating. Any larger than this and the filets aren’t quite as dense, but this Snapper is right in the sweet spot for excellent table fare.

November 19, 2012

Buck Davis has come to Nosara from the wonderful town of Kingsland, GA just up the road from our home office in North Florida, and he has brought the healthy appetite for fun that makes South Georgia famous.

His group got things rolling on the Explorer for an inshore meat harvest with plans to move offshore in the Wanderer later this week.

The fishbox got full early with this nice 30lbs. Dorado; perfect for sandwiches and sushi! Later in the day they scored a handsome Amberjack estimated to weigh 25lbs.

Let’s see what fortunes the deep blue water hold for these Georgia anglers later this week.

November 18, 2012

Brad and Annette Negaard are visting Nosara from good ole’ Jacksonville, FL and they are just the most recent in a long line of First Coast anglers who’ve successfully invaded Sailfish City. The Wanderer headed offshore at 7am armed for battle and as usual the mighty flagship delivered the goods.

The Negaard’s are proud alums of Jacksonville University (mascot: Dolphins) so it is fitting that Annette and Brad bested two of the baddest fish in the ocean. Even in Costa Rica, Dolphins are smarter than Sailfish.

They had a double hook-up leading to a pair of safe releases, plus had a third Sailfish escape just a few yards from the boat. Great performance from these Northeast Florida anglers! Here’s the second release:

 The Negaards have another trip on the schedule for the 20th so stay tuned!

November 18, 2012

William Lukof wanted to get his place at the recently crowded Dorado table and chose Captain David of the Explorer to make his reservation. The 26-foot super panga trolled about 5 miles offshore and found this meaty Mahi on the end of the line.

Mr. Lukof made short work of this fish and returned to shore with a few hefty sacks full of fresh fish filets. Great performance by the indefatigable Explorer.

November 17, 2012

Francois Bernier joined Captain David and Mate Carlos on the unstoppable super panga for a 3.5 hour inshore fishing trip early in the morning on November 17. The Explorer took her usual spot over the reefs of Pincha Padre and Monsieur Bernier reeled in this excellent Amberjack.

Francois is moving up to the Wanderer for a date with some billfish in early December, but until then he can chow down on some fresh fish filets.

November 15, 2012

Our new buddy TJ Conrads brought his family down from Boise, ID to take aim at some big game. TJ is an interesting adventurer who wrote the book on traditional longbow hunting (hunting with a wooden bow and arrows that he literally makes).

For 30 years he has published Tradtional Bowhunter Magazine which is the leading voice in the field.

Mr. Conrads is also the author of the “Traditional Bowhunter’s Handbook” (left). 

He has hunted with bow and arrow all over the world, in every different place you can imagine. An outdoorsman’s outdoorsman, TJ was also thrilled with the idea of offshore Costa Rican fishing.

Fortunately the Wanderer never leaves port without a full quiver and Captain William set his aim offshore at the blue water beasties.

Things got off to a fast start with this bright green Dorado finding its way to the ice chest in the first hour of the half day trip.

This respectable Dorado clocks in around 25lbs. and will certainly keep the family fed for the week.

Captain William guided the Wanderer a little further offshore into billfish territory and on cue a mean pair of Sailfish took off with baits just after 10am.

TJ and the posse reeled ’em in while the crew coordinated the daring and difficult Double Sailfish Release.

Great safe fish-handling like always by the incomparable First Mate Alex, and truly a fishing feat for the ages by TJ Conrads and his family.

We look forward to seeing Mr. Conrads again down the road…can’t say the same for these fellas: