March 28, 2017

Our long time friends Ken and Brenda Russell were back on the water for another great day of action on the Wanderer.

Several big Dorados got the action started early, and in the afternoon a fierce Blue Marlin hit the hooks.

Great work by Captain William to keep the fight short and excellent fish handling by Mate Johnson.


March 22, 2017

The Discoverer and Dan Wood group posted an amazing day of billfish action on March 22. They nabbed a 200lbs. Blue Marlin early in the trip:

Later  the Sailfish bite heated up with this challenging Double Sailfish release followed up with a third Sailfish right at the end of the half-day trip.

Pretty sweet for just a half day trip!

February 27, 2017

The legendary Dan Johnson rejoined the Wanderer for a billfish hunt on February 27, and along with his daughter Delaney Johnson scored a big Blue Marlin backed up by a nice Sailfish.

This monster weighs well over 300lbs. and is certainly a breathtaking achievement.

Delaney’s Sailfish was no slouch either, putting up a big fight on the way to a safe release.

January 19, 2017

Herbert Heinrich and his son scored the fish of a lifetime with Captain William aboard the mighty Wanderer.

This magnificent Blue Marlin was no match for the flagship and Mr. Heinrich on the reel.

No hard feeling about the Los Suenos hat young man…your Dad’s shirt makes up for it!

Great work by Mate Johnny and Captain William on this excellent Marlin release.

January 5, 2017

The Harvester got the New Year off to a great start, scoring big with this stunning 300lbs. Blue Marlin release.

Great fight from Captain Alex and superb fish handling by Mate Kevin to see this wonderful monster released.

Later on they followed up with a great Sailfish release.

The Mega Panga is rocking and rolling for 2017, which spells trouble for big blue water beasties.

January 4, 2017

The blue water came incredibly close to shore in first week of January, and Captain David of the Adventurer took advantage of the near shore clarity to capture the biggest fish in the history of the boat.

Client Joseph Cannistraci hooked up this MASSIVE 350lbs. Blue Marlin and fought it all the way to the boat.

Captain David performed the single-handed leader release and let this fish swim back out to deeper waters where it belongs…excellent work by the 23-foot switchblade Adventurer!

December 31, 2016

Texas anglers Mike Cotton, David Moss, and Leah Merryfield finished up the year on the Discoverer with a day chock full of great blue water action.


The big catch of the day was this sweet Blue Marlin release by Mr. Moss.

After the safe release Captain Carlos discovered a hungry band of big Dorados. Check out this monster scored by Mike Cotton:


December 15, 2016

Doc Hatton, Dennis Shanahan, Fred Lewis and Rick Downing had a great day with huge results on the mega panga Harvester. The day started with a true fish-of-a-lifetime…take a gander at this awesome Blue Marlin:

Great fish handling by Mate Kevin to ensure the safety of both fish and anglers. After the safe release, Captain Alex criss-crossed the area hoping to find more fired-up billfish.

After an hour of trolling a second bad Blue Marlin took the hook.


Another great release by the Mega Panga!

Captain Alex kept his foot on the gas as Team Hatton knocked-out a pair of high-flying Sailfish releases to end the day.

This one broke off the leader right next to the boat, but what an amazing display of above-the-water combat.

This release brought to a close a crazy day of action the the mighty Harvester.

December 11, 2016 – Dreamstarter Tournament Recap

FishingNosara participated in the 5th Annual Dreamstarter Billfish Invitational from December 7-10. This tournament is run by Mr. Brian Neal and our friends at Wanderlust Reality, and was a wonderful experience for all involved.

This is our first time entering this tournament, and it is with great pride that we announce that we brought home the hardware!

From the tournament website: “Dreamstarter Billfish Invitational Tournament would like to congratulate the Wanderer and Discoverer for finishing tied for 1st place in our tournament. Both boats fish under the flagship of FishingNosara and both teams agreed to stick with a tie. Congratulations to both teams!”

FishingNosara Hall of Famer Bob Pease joined Captain William on the Wanderer and scored two Sailfish and a Marlin over the two days of tournament fishing:

Meanwhile, the Discoverer welcomed Hall of Famer Eric Dixon and they also nabbed a Marlin backed-up with two Sailfish: