January 22, 2018

Hiro Toma continued his campaign of catching fish of a lifetime with this mega Cubera Snapper on January 22.

You think these guys will eat well this week?

What do you think happened to all these filets? Well Hiro and the boys took advantage of the local restaurants and their world-class culinary skills:

November 19, 2017

The Harvester stayed inshore with Clayton Laskowski and his posse for a great day of action.

According to Captain Alex’ trusty Boca Grip this Cubera Snapper clocked in at 38lbs. Then they nabbed a nice Queen Snapper:

A big Dorado wandered inshore and fell into the Harvester‘s web.

Lastly they scored this nice-sized Wahoo. Pretty sweet to go home with three different kinds of filets!

They also busted this Barracuda who was trying to steal from the pantry:

Time for refreshments after a long day of action!