September 2, 2015

The Discoverer has built a reputation as a billfish battleship, and on September 2 they scored a pair of Sailfish releases.

The blue water has retreated a little farther out from shore, expanding the area where the behemoths can hide…but there is no escaping Captain David and his view from the top of the Discoverer‘s tower.

Great work on these excellent releases.

August 20, 2015

Captain David is dialed-in on the Discoverer and his clients reaped the rewards this month.

Sailfish releases have been plentiful, headlined by this 200lbs.+ monster:

The big battleship backed that up with several more great releases:

Meat fish have been on the menu for Captain David’s clients, with Yellowfin Tuna ranging from 20lbs. to well over 50lbs.

Most recently Craig scored a sweet Rooster Fish release:




July 14, 2015

The big Battleship welcomed some little anglers for some fun inshore action on July 14.

Captain David (a father of two himself) is an excellent teacher of the craft and the Discoverer is a great place for youngsters to catch the fishing bug.

Nice work on these critters, especially considering it’s been years since we saw the elusive Congrio (the eel/fish hybrid held by the kid in the red shirt). That is one tasty filet right there!