January 15, 2013

Richard Melito and his Virginia-based posse of anglers booked the flagship Wanderer for a full day blue water fishing trip and their investment of time paid off huge dividends.

These are some of the bigger Sailfish we’ve had so far this season, with the big one (above) estimated well over 140lbs.

They had three wonderful Sailfish releases, plus added a tasty Dorado for the dinner table.

Amazing results from the big blue beauty and her crew, the unstoppable Master Captain William and the wondermate First Mate Alex.

January 6, 2013

Great results on a sunset cruise from angler Miriam McDonald’s group. They started off with a few small Dorados, including this one that got chewed up on the way into the boat by a larger mystery fish.

That mystery was solved an hour later when this MASSIVE Cubera Snapper hit a vertical jig. These monsters fight hard but this group of anglers was up to the challenge.

Nice filets in store for this group after another fantastic sunset cruise for the Wanderer.


January 5, 2013

Karen and Sam did big work on the Pacific Sailfish on the 3rd, so for this trip they switched it up and target Dorado. Take a peek at some of these big bulls they found less than 10 miles from shore.

These Dorados are much larger than the ones we have seen so far this season which is a good sign not just for this species but all the other fish that depend on them (Sailfish and Marlin).

January 2, 2013

We should hang a sign on the Adventurer reading: “Under Construction: Great family fishing memories”

Dan and Kristine brought their young son aboard for a quick excursion just outside Garza Bay and they hauled in two nice-sized Dorados.

Looks like the kid had a ball and everyone should have a full belly to show for their efforts with over 50lbs. of fish on ice by trip’s end.

December 31, 2012

Greg Watson and his daughter joined Captain Carlos on the Adventurer for an fridge-packing harvest of tasty fish. The Dorados swarmed the 23-foot pocket knife and Carlos put these Canadians in the heart of the fight.

It’s great to see shared fishing experiences between parents and their kids, and from the looks of these pics this will be a fishing memory that lasts a lifetime for the Watsons.

They added a nice White Tuna to the Dorado haul and called it a day. Another outstanding trip from the sneaky Adventurer.

December 27, 2012

Jake Winchester brought along his girlfriend Laurie and his brother Dave for a very fruitful day of offshore trolling. The mighty Wanderer put on a show for the Sailfish swarm and gave this group a great trip.

Sailfish release

They nabbed and released three Sailfish early in the trip, then switched over the spread to target table fare.

“Laurie caught the first fish,” Jake wrote in an email . “It was the largest of the Dorados. My brother Iron Dave and I snagged 2 dorados at the same time.”

“In total we each caught a Dorado and Sailfish. Awesome fishing trip. William and Alex were awesome. Thank you so much!”