June 26, 2023

Captain Sergio’s group had quite the send-off on their June 26th trip on the mighty flagship Wanderer. 

The Sailfish action stayed hot with multiple releases, including a very challenging Double Sailfish release.

They scored a final Yellowfin Tuna for the filet bag. Excellent job by these Tampa-based anglers.

August 8, 2022

Stephan Badsteiber continued his run of excellent trips on August 8. Top of the scorecard is the very challenging Double Sailfish release.

They also scored a few solo Sailfish releases, plus a decent Dorado for the dinner table.


We recieved this email from Stephan after the trip: “Dear Matty, Thanks a lot, that we could fish with Antonio an Raffa on the Explorer. They are working very hard, we enjoyed every minute on the boat. I also think, that we caught the whole of Costa Rica the last week!

On August the 8th,we got a double strike of sailfish, released another one and caught a Mahi Mahi. Great fishing and big memories for us!”


Bird released safely.

Shark released safely.

Fresh Tuna Burrito