August 8, 2022

Stephan Badsteiber continued his run of excellent trips on August 8. Top of the scorecard is the very challenging Double Sailfish release.

They also scored a few solo Sailfish releases, plus a decent Dorado for the dinner table.


We recieved this email from Stephan after the trip: “Dear Matty, Thanks a lot, that we could fish with Antonio an Raffa on the Explorer. They are working very hard, we enjoyed every minute on the boat. I also think, that we caught the whole of Costa Rica the last week!

On August the 8th,we got a double strike of sailfish, released another one and caught a Mahi Mahi. Great fishing and big memories for us!”


Bird released safely.

Shark released safely.

Fresh Tuna Burrito

July 23, 2022

Master Captain William and Daniel Staudt knocked it out of the park on July 23.

They scored a very challenging Double Sailfish release, and nabbed a solo Sailfish release as well.

The Wanderer proceeded to light-up the Yellowfin Tuna school that has appeared in our area in late July.

Excellent work by these hard-fishing Texas anglers.


July 13, 2022

Hardcore anglers Glenn and Gina Rumer of Florida selected the flagship Wanderer for their first trip of the week on July 13, and Master Captain William kept them busy with multiple Sailfish releases.

This group flexed their muscles with a very challenging Double Sailfish release:

For the dinner table they added a nice pile of Dorados. Great work by the mighty Wanderer.