June 6, 2017

The Harvester welcomed one of FishingNosara’s oldest friends Roche Jaggeli of Playa Avellanas for a great day of action on June 6.

Roche has fished with us since the very beginning of FishingNosara and it’s always a treat when he comes south to visit us.

The day’s haul was highlighted by three big Yellowfin Tunas (60lbs., 34lbs., and 26lbs.) and of course the MASSIVE 54lbs. Dorado.

May 15, 2017

Troy Smith, Michelle Urso, Gus Harrison, and Cheryl Bluerock scored a ‘fourfecta’ of Sailfish releases with Captain Alex and Mate Kevin on the Harvester.

Ms. Bluerock is a pro photographer and put some really neat filters on these shots.

They also brought home dinner with this awesome Yellowfin Tuna.

Great work by the mega panga!