February 13, 2017

Great day for Mark Sherod on the Harvester…check out this wonderful Sailfish release:


In an email we got from Mark: “The 32′ Harvester is the perfect boat for fishing, large enough to handle any water, agile and nibble enough to keep you on your trophy during the catch.”
“Alex the Captain & Kevin the First Mate, are experienced, they knew exactly what to do at all times. Plus their positive attitudes were a joy to hang with. My wife Sherri wants to adopt them!!”
“These are very large sporting fish used to ruling these waters, if your crew isn’t on their game, these hombres (fish) will make short work of your moment and be gone in a flash. Alex & Kevin were instantly up for the moment. Loved the experience of hanging with them!!”


“Pura Vida”


Mark Sherod
February 13, 2017
Iowa City, IA


February 3, 2017

The legendary Dan Parker struck again with a huge day of Sailfish releases on the Harvester.

Captain Alex took them offshore and found the billfish were aggressive and hungry.


Early in the day they snatched up 4 Sailfish, all safe released by Mate Kevin.

The highlight of the trip was this awesome Double Sailfish Release:

This is one of the most exciting feats in fishing backed up by some amazing photos.

To round out the trip they put this big Dorado in the fishbox…perfect for a late night snack at Nosara Paradise Rentals with the Jerome McKown group.

February 2, 2017

Jerome McKown’s boys from Texas continued their hot fishing with Captain Alex on February 2. The Harvester headed off-shore and found the waters thick with Sailfish.

Everyone had multiple shots at big Pacific Sailfish.

Excellent fish handling by Mate Kevin to execute all these safe releases.

Captain Alex proves once again why he is Garza’s fastest rising star!

February 1, 2017

Art Jones and David Ardoin marked up the scorecard with a wonderful day on the Harvester that featured a nice Striped Marlin release backed up with lots of Sailfish.

After the Marlin release, the Harvester was beset by hungry aggressive Sailfish.

With such clear water these fish are all the more gorgeous…Look at the glowing blue bio-luminescence on these beauty.

Mate Kevin was on his game with ten safe Sailfish releases plus the safe Marlin release. Surely his arms are tired after a day like this!

Amazing work by Captain William and the mega panga Harvester!

January 31, 2017

Ray Smith and Jerome McKown had a big day of action with Captain Alex on January 31.

The first big catches of the day were this pair of floor-sweeping Dorados.

Then the action really heated up in the afternoon where the Sailfish were stacked up thick as cordwood.

Looks like Ray was pumped up to catch this big monster!

The day was punctuated by several double strikes.

Mate Kevin did a fantastic job handling these big Pacific Sailfish…amazing work!

January 29, 2017

Jeff Dupree and his group started out their trip on the Harvester with a wonderful Sailfish release.

After the trophy release they continued scoring, filling up the refrigerator in with bunches of big Dorado.

This big one zig-zagged to both sides of the boat but Captain Alex kept the angles lined up and the fish off of the motor.

All told they nabbed five nice Dodos, all with good size to them.