December 27, 2018

Captain David fished every day from December 20 to the 28th, and scored a wide variety of great fish for his clients.


Yellowfin Tunas were in the mix, even though we aren’t anywhere close to their peak season. Its a great sign to see these football-sized Yella Fellas this close to shore, and this early in the year.

An array of Jack Crevelles and Rock Snappers made sure that ceviche would be on the Christmas dinner table.

Big Dorados have been in the area all month and while most boats found them 10 miles offshore, the crafty Adventurer nabbed several monsters that wandered too close to shore.

What a great start to the season for Captain David and the 23-foot switchblade.

February 13, 2017

Mario Hoffman’s group scored big inshore fish with the Explorer on February 11th and 13th.

Early scores of meat fish were welcome in the fishbox, and these Rooster Fish releases were also a thrill:

Also they nabbed one of the larger Rock Snappers that we have seen in a long time:

Great work by Captain Fico on the Explorer!

July 29, 2016

Brandon and Lindsay Overbay took to the Adventurer for a great day off inshore fishing on July 29, highlighted by a trio of MASSIVE Cubera Snappers:


They also nabbed a nice Rock Snapper, very similar to the Cubera but with a lighter shade of red and a different fin pattern.

Captain David is a fish catching machine and he can not be stopped on the 23-foot switchblade.



April 3, 2016

The sun rose on another great month of inshore action on the Adventurer.

She scored the usual allotment of Cubera Snappers and Rock Snappers.

Then they added this tasty delicacy: the elusive Congrio:

The highlight of the month was this nice Sailfish caught just five miles from shore.

When the big fish wander too close the shore, the Adventurer will be waiting for them.

Great work on the catch and the safe release from the 23-foot pocket knife Adventurer.