July 1, 2014

The First Family of FishingNosara hit the water on July 1 for an excellent day of action with Captain William and First Mate Alex. Daniel Shields and his sister Brooke Shields are the children of FishingNosara’s only Lifetime Hall of Famer, the venerable Richmond Phipps, and they were joined by their cousin Tim Anderson and Dan’s wife Maria Yetty on the flagship Wanderer.

The highlight of the day’s action was this excellent Rooster fish releases, estimated by First Mate Alex to weigh 50lbs. A little rain didn’t stop these tough anglers

Excellent catch by our great friends!

June 8, 2014

Sergio’s group of Tampa anglers have found excellent action on the inshore reefs outside Garza Bay. On June 8 the Wanderer scored this excellent specimen of Rooster Fish:

We released this beauty as usual, but this group didn’t leave empty-handed. They got this monster Pinfish, and also released a small Dorado…c’mon back when you’re 50lbs. buddy!

May 29, 2014

We welcomed a big fun group of folks from our hometown of Jacksonville, FL and they scored some great inshore lunkers aboard the Wanderer.

Henry Starling, Rick Tullis, Richard Hosey, and Mike Glenn brought their families along for this inshore conquest and it is safe to say that all mouths were fed by these excellent Cubera Snappers.

They also added a pair of trophy releases in the form of these excellent Rooster Fish:

Great work by this posse of North Florida anglers!


March 10, 2014

On March 10 Drew Honeycutt and his crew followed up their great Sailfish action with a bit of inshore fishing to start their day on the Wanderer. They scored a real nice fish in the form of this 25lbs. Rooster fish.

Once this pez gallo was swimming free, Captain William took the boys back out to Sailfish City for another run at some high-flying action.

They released a pair of Sailfish, but they’ll never let go of these great trophy fish memories.

Awesome work by the mighty flagship!

January 9, 2014

Doc Hatton and the posse are back on the Wanderer and were welcomed with improved weather and a gaggle of hungry fish.

The battleground was less than a mile from Garza point and the Wanderer defended her home turf by building up a classic feeding frenzy. The first catch was a juvinile Yellowtail Snapper, followed up by a medium-sized Nurse Shark.

An inauspicious start indeed, however this is the first phase of stirring up a bottom fish bite. Sure enough the action coaxed some big fish up from their seafloor hiding spots.



This Broomtail Grouper is a real monster! Right behind it was another nice-sized bottom dweller:





The bite stayed strong and a group of Jack Crevelle swung by to investigate the fishy waters.


The final jewel in the Wanderer‘s bottom fishing crown was this nice Rooster fish.

We release this species, but with the massive Snapper and Grouper catches from earlier it is safe to say that Doc Hatton and his group will be well-stocked with filets this week.