August 2, 2011

Captain David had an amazing trip with client Jake Davies from New Smyrna, FL and his posse. You know it was a good day when you take this kind of picture:

They headed offshore early in the morning and stayed on the Sailfish as long as they were biting. Using the high-speed trolling tactic and lots of strength on the reel, Jake’s group had four releases on five potential hits. Great fishing for these guys!

Jake lost a nice Dorado, but fortunately they made a stop at the inshore reef/fish market on the way in and caught 2 hearty Amberjacks. Great work once again by barroom brawler Explorer and the incomparable Captain David. Here is an Jake sent us:

Just wanted to say thanks to the boys at FishingNosara! We got into some big sailfish which really made the trip! Captain David and the mate were awesome and we will definitely pass the good word to our friends. Pura Vida Jake.

July 14, 2011

Captain David and the Explorer have made their reputation by disproving assumed notions about what a 26-foot Super Panga can do. Today with client Christopher Granda from South Tampa aboard, Captain David once again gave notice to doubters that the Explorer is a true world-class sportfishing vessel.

They started inshore to pick up some Bonitas for bait and Christopher brought in this excellent Ponpano. An excellent tasting fish, this particular Ponpano is one of the biggest we’ve caught this season.

Things got serious as Captain David pushed offshore away from the torrential rains bearing down the mountain. He put out a modified high-speed lure setup and almost immediately this beefy Dorado gulped down a bonita strip with a 9/0 hook on the side. A quick fight and this 40lbs. Dorado was headed for the dinner table.

Captain David got the spread back out and after a little more trolling a curious Sailfish came along whacking at the teaser. On the way back to rob the long baits, this Sailfish fell for a pitched ballyhoo with Captain David on the other end expertly setting the circle hook. The fight was on but this fish was no match for Chris Granda on the reel. Twenty minutes after hook-up this Sailfish was safely released.

Great end to a fine day of fishing by Captain David and Chris Granda!

July 12, 2011

Traditional wisdom says that this time of year the fishing is all but finished in Costa Rica, the Captains and crew of FishingNosara are pioneering a new school of thought. For instance the Explorer had an excellent trip today with Captain David reporting  three Yellowfin Tunas, a Macarela and a nice Yellowtail snapper in the fishbox.

Captain William and the Wanderer had a fantastic day of offshore billfish scores and inshore Yella fella catches for client Gerald Wyles and his group.
They released four Sailfish including a Double header plus added ten nice Yellowfin Tunas for the dinner table.
Great work by both boats…proving that the fishing in Costa Rica doesn’t cool off until the rains come in early September.

July 9, 2011

Geoff and Bob Birtalan capped off their amazing week of fishing in Nosara with more great Sailfish releases and a Yellowfin Tuna that can easily be called one of the biggest of the season.

As in the previous few days, Captain William took the Wanderer offshore into the blue water alley holding swarms of massive Pacific Sails. Once again the Birtalan gang hooked up two of these amazing monsters, and as always both fish were safely released.

Later on the half-day trip they met up with a MASSIVE 120+lbs. Yellowfin Tuna and after a vigorous 45-minute battle they successfully put this monster in the fishbox.

Too bad these guys are leaving today because that is a LOT of sushi. I’m sure that folks all around Garza and Nosara Paradise Rentals are chowing down on this lovely fish at this very moment. We look forward to seeing Geoff at the 31st Annual Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament this weekend and hear some great fishing stories first hand.

Great work by Future Hall of Famers Bob and Geoff Birtalan and the Wanderer on a great week of fishing!

July 8, 2011

Robert and Geoff Birtalan delivered a Hall of Fame performance on a fantastic 5 hrs fishing trip on the Wanderer. They had 8 Sailfish come tearing through the spread throughout the day and successfully caught and released five of these beautiful behemoths.

The highlight was this awesome Double Release; excellent work by First Mate Alex to ensure the safety of the fish, crew, boat and anglers.

All of this billfish releasing will work up an appetite, so Mr. Birtalan also brought home this tasty 15lbs. Dorado.

July 7, 2011

More great billfish action from the Wanderer with clients Bob and Geoff Birtalan of Jacksonville. They followed up their Sailfish release from yesterday with three more successful releases. These guys know what to do when big fish come calling!

Over on the Explorer client Guy Valente caught a nice Yellowfin Tuna and and ten meaty Black Tunas with Captain David. Great results for just 2.5 hours on the water.

July 6, 2011

The father and son fishing team of Robert and Geoff Birtalan are in Nosara for the week looking for some big time offshore billfish action. They got started on the Wanderer today and had several hungry Sailfish in the spread.

They had a double hook-up but the hunting buddies slyly cut the lines against each other and escaped. They broke the ice in the afternoon with their first Sailfish release.

Look out for these guys to tear it up the next few days!

July 3, 2011

Hunter Huber and his group started the first of several day of fishing on the Wanderer with a bang. By 10am they had a Double Sailfish release and within the hour had released an additional Sailfish.

The Huber posse released another one around 3pm and added two beefy Yellowfin Tuna for the dinner table. Great work by Captain David and First Mate Alex to get these fellas introduced to Costa Rican Sportfishing with a great day.

They will be back for more this week so look out!

June 25, 2011

Some nice billfish action on the water today for the Wanderer and the Explorer. The blue beauty was out hunting for a half-day and had a swift pair of Sailfish come tearing through the spread. One pickpocketed the long lines for the ballyhoo, but his hunting buddy wasn’t so lucky. A quick fight ensured and the Wanderer released an awesome Sailfish.

Meanwhile on the Explorer a gigantic Blue Marlin was hooked up for a few minutes but got off. Believe me these big fish don’t get so big by getting caught every day! Captain David knows what to do when big billfish come calling, so expect to hear back from this big blue real soon.

June 23, 2011

Craig Sutton, US Representative for FishingNosara is in Nosara this week to wrap up the acquisition of two new Nosara Paradise Rentals’ properties. If you think that means the billfish are safe this week, you are wrong.

Craig was on the FishingNosara flagship Wanderer for a short afternoon billfish hunt. In the course of three hours they raised four sailfish and released one.

They also had a curious Dorado come through the spread knocking at the teaser and a few other mystery nibbles.

The rain is settling in for the weekend, but don’t be surprised if Craig sneaks offshore to dance with the lady in the blue dress sometime in the next few days.