February 18, 2014

Bob and Helen Goins turned in a remarkable performance on the mighty Wanderer with two Marlin releases along with a bunch of Sails.

Helen broke the ice early with a wonderful Striped Marlin release…like most of our CCA NC anglers these folks know what to do with a rod in their hands.

The Marlin have been soft-biting so far this season, so the ever-tinkering First Mate Alex has begun to experiment with brightly colored skirts for the ballyhoo.

These did the trick as the Goins group started racking up Sailfish releases in the middle part of the day.

The finale was also the highlight as Bob reeled in this awesome Blue Marlin.

Estimated over 300lbs., this is one of the bigger Blue Marlin you’ll see around here.

Great work by the Master Captain William and the Super Mate Alex on this amazing day of bill collecting.

February 17, 2014

Beau Braid did very well on the blue water today on the big blue beauty the Wanderer. Sailfish abound in these waters, and these CCA Florida anglers were ready to meet them in battle.

After a few early releases, Beau and boys we attacked by this acrobatic Sailfish. He was bucking so hard that he jumped up into the outrigger lines!


They also scored this 30lbs. Dorado late in the trip, a perfect way to end a day of big billfish releases!

February 15, 2014

Harris Savin finished his fishing adventurer with Captain David on the Explorer, only a special guest was on hand in the mate position: Captain Carlos of the Adventurer.

Carlos started Harris out on this great week of fishing, so it is only fitting that he see Mr. Savin finish strong.

Another day, another five Sailfish!

With this beefy White Tuna thrown in for dinner, I’d say this is the perfect end to a perfect week for Harris Savin!