February 4, 2014

The Explorer was pleased to welcome Tobias Marcuy and his group for a fish-filled day on the blue water.

This group had five Sailfish releases with some beautiful photos to show for it.

Check out this bright blue! Great work by Mate Kevin to keep these still-green fish under control. Safe releases all around make for a perfect day!

They also nabbed a pair of Dorados for the icebox; one came early in the day, the other was the last fish in the boat.

Excellent work by Captain David and the legendary Explorer!

February 4, 2014

North Carolina’s own Chad Langley, Kevin Poole, Brad Simons, and Ben James put in a solid week of fishing on the pangas before stepping up to the flagship Wanderer on February 4.

Captain William put the blue beauty out in front of a pack of Sailfish and these boys pulled off four incredible releases.

The peak of the bite saw a triple-strike, however one of the Sails spit the hook…still you wanna talk about an exciting moment, this is it!

This was the final Sailfish release of the day and just might be the biggest of the bunch.


Nice fish-handling by First Mate Alex to see that all of these sweet Sailfish swam off safely.

They added a trio of swollen Dorados to round out an excellent angling performance.

I don’t know what it is about these North Carolinians but they sure can fish!

February 3, 2014

Ryan McCulley and his friends booked the Explorer for a 6.5 hour trip to the blue water and were met head-on by a pack of hungry Sailfish.

Captain David and Mate Kevin pulled out all the stops and delivered several sweet Sailfish releases.


Photographs rarely do these fish justice; however these shots captured the bioluminecent glow of these wonderful fish.

Great fishing by this fun-loving group of New Yorkers on the legendary Explorer!


January 31, 2014

Fantastic send-off for Sarah Heekin and her group! After a week of big Sailfish releases, they finished their three-day excursion with perhaps the largest Sailfish release of the season so far. Look at the shoulders on this monster:

This fish probably outweighs Mate Kevin by 60lbs., so it was a minor miracle just to pull off the safe release.

Later in the day they released another nice Sail to put the cap on a great week of fishing.

Awesome work by Captain David and Mate Kevin to show these North Carolina anglers a great time on the water!

January 30, 2014

Sonny Strohl and the boys stepped up the flagship Wanderer today and they had billfish on the brain. Captain William set course for Sailfish City while First Mate Alex prepared an irresistible spread.

The Sailfish hit the lures aggressively as First Mate Alex expertly dropped the ballyhoo. The hook set and the fight was on.

Captain William kept these fights short and ensured the safe release of all Sailfish.

They also returned to shore with a sack of Mahi filets, care of this nice Dorado catch.

All around great day of action for the flagship Wanderer!

January 30, 2014

Clifford Jordan returned to the Explorer on January 30 and decided to focus strictly on Sailfish…makes sense when you have a ton of filets already on ice from the first two trips!

Captain David and Mate Kevin were on their game with a quartet of Sailfish releases.

All safe released as always, and some great shots by Captain David of these lovely creatures.

This four fish day is a perfect send off for these awesome North Carolina anglers!

January 29, 2014

After their inshore successes theĀ Gene Pleasants group finished off their Costa Rica trip with a journey to Sailfish City. Captain William led the way to a day of big strikes and fantastic releases.

The moment the sun came up the Sails were chomping, and once the spread was deployed the strikes came in like wildfire.

After the first release another charged-up Sailfish hit the hook!

Each member of the group got a Sailfish release of their own, plus a few double dipped.

At the end of the trip, Gene broke out a little toy he brought from North Carolina: an Mirrorlure electric reel.

We mounted this winch up to one of our new custom Poiseden Rods and flipped the switch on a nice Sailfish.

New tech, same result! A great was to end an action-packed day on the mighty Wanderer.