March 29, 2017

Bob Rhinehart came to the Explorer looking to fill the fish box, and he got as that he asked for.

The big filets came in the form of big Yellowfin Tuna backed up a fat Dorado…excellent work!

Bob returned the next day for another foray into the blue water. The bite was slow early in trip, but heated up in a big way in the afternoon.

This Dorado hit at 4:45pm and even though it was late, Captain Fico knew they were on the right spot.

Less than an hour later this Striped Marlin took the bait at 5:25pm

From striking out to hitting a home run all within one hour…persistence pays!

March 24, 2017

FishingNosara Hall of Famer Derrell McCrary returned to the Wanderer for a full day of legendary blue water action.

His posse of Tampa-based anglers has been fishing on the big blue beauty since 2011, but nothing could prepare them for this Marlin assault.

This feisty Striped Marlin came calling early in the trip, and was well-handled by Mate Johnson.

Less than an hour later the real monster came calling…this MASSIVE Black Marlin is one for the ages!


She put on a show but Captain William stayed one step ahead of this Marlin to keep the fight as short as possible.

The final piece of the Grand Slam puzzle fell into place at the end of the trip. This Sailfish release puts the finishing touch on the most difficult feat in fishing: Billfish Grand Slam!

February 24, 2017

Our old friend Joe Goins gave up on the snowy Northeast weather in favor of a full week of hot fishing with Captain William in late February.

From the 20th to the 24th Mr. Goins and his family fished everyday for eight hours per day; that’s some serious fishing!

This small Striped Marlin fought just as fiercely as its full grown brothers, but the mighty Wanderer was up to the task.

There was plenty of meat for the dinner table as well, thanks to this nice Dorado.

Still the target of the week was big billfish, and Captain William did not disappoint.

They closed out the week with another juvenile Striped Marlin release.

Fantastic work by the Goins posse and the fantastic flagship!

February 1, 2017

Art Jones and David Ardoin marked up the scorecard with a wonderful day on the Harvester that featured a nice Striped Marlin release backed up with lots of Sailfish.

After the Marlin release, the Harvester was beset by hungry aggressive Sailfish.

With such clear water these fish are all the more gorgeous…Look at the glowing blue bio-luminescence on these beauty.

Mate Kevin was on his game with ten safe Sailfish releases plus the safe Marlin release. Surely his arms are tired after a day like this!

Amazing work by Captain William and the mega panga Harvester!

January 24, 2017

The mega panga Harvester welcomed client Richard Dennis for a double Marlin release day on January 24.

This pair of juvenile Marlins put up the same strong fight as their full-grown brethren and challenged the skills of Captain Alex to keep the fish from tangling.

Beautiful fish-handling by Mate Kevin saw to a pair of safe releases of these unruly teenage Marlin.

All this on just a 5 hour trip!

January 21, 2017

Our great friend Dr. Bart Carey enlisted the battleship for a blue water mission on January 21 and the Discoverer did not disappoint.

This mini-Marlin was a fun fish to fight, and Mate Juan Carlos was very careful with the fish-handling. After all we gotta catch this guy again in a few years when it’s a mammoth.

They rounded out the trip with the release of a nice sized Sailfish and the filleting of beefy Dorado.