February 1, 2017

Art Jones and David Ardoin marked up the scorecard with a wonderful day on the Harvester that featured a nice Striped Marlin release backed up with lots of Sailfish.

After the Marlin release, the Harvester was beset by hungry aggressive Sailfish.

With such clear water these fish are all the more gorgeous…Look at the glowing blue bio-luminescence on these beauty.

Mate Kevin was on his game with ten safe Sailfish releases plus the safe Marlin release. Surely his arms are tired after a day like this!

Amazing work by Captain William and the mega panga Harvester!

January 24, 2017

The mega panga Harvester welcomed client Richard Dennis for a double Marlin release day on January 24.

This pair of juvenile Marlins put up the same strong fight as their full-grown brethren and challenged the skills of Captain Alex to keep the fish from tangling.

Beautiful fish-handling by Mate Kevin saw to a pair of safe releases of these unruly teenage Marlin.

All this on just a 5 hour trip!

January 21, 2017

Our great friend Dr. Bart Carey enlisted the battleship for a blue water mission on January 21 and the Discoverer did not disappoint.

This mini-Marlin was a fun fish to fight, and Mate Juan Carlos was very careful with the fish-handling. After all we gotta catch this guy again in a few years when it’s a mammoth.

They rounded out the trip with the release of a nice sized Sailfish and the filleting of beefy Dorado.

January 18, 2017

David White and the Harvester turned in a performance worthy of the FishingNosara Hall of Fame on January 18.

First up with this challenging Double Sailfish release, with Mate Kevin on the assist.

These were the first of five Sailfish releases on the trip.

The highlight came late in the day with this 200+lbs. Marlin Release.

December 29, 2016

The Explorer fished every day during Christmas week, and the barroom brawler peeled off a run of truly world-class results.

This big Striped Marlin caught by client Lance Miller was the highlight of the week for Captain Fico, but they also nabbed a second equally awesome Striped Marlin…great fish handling by Mate Elias saw to the safe release of both billfish.

The super panga also scored this lovely Sailfish release:

With a full slate of trophy releases on the scorecard, Captain Fico also filled the fishbox with these big Dorados.

Great finish to 2016 for the powerful Explorer!

December 27, 2016

Our old pal Joe Driscoll is back for another fishing adventure; his group of friends mugged the fish last January, and now he has returned with his sons for more blue water action.

The highlight was this beefy Striped Marlin release, quite an accomplishment for a young angler.

Team Driscoll also filled the Harvester‘s fishboxes with a swarm or lovely Dorados.

All smiles for this great family of Jacksonville, FL anglers!