March 9, 2017

Captain David welcomed Carl Lindberg or Vermont for a very productive day of inshore filet gathering on March 9.

The highlight was the elusive Congrio. One of the few sea creatures that can swim backwards, this unusual fish/eel hybrid yields a tasty white fish that is similar to lobster tail…yummy!

He also nabbed a sandwich-sized Dorado and a nice White Tuna.

He finished off the day with a pair of big Yellowfin Tunas.

February 13, 2017

Mario Hoffman’s group scored big inshore fish with the Explorer on February 11th and 13th.

Early scores of meat fish were welcome in the fishbox, and these Rooster Fish releases were also a thrill:

Also they nabbed one of the larger Rock Snappers that we have seen in a long time:

Great work by Captain Fico on the Explorer!

February 5, 2017

Captain David welcomed some new friends from the nation of France for an action-packed five day campaign on the Adventurer.

It’s definitely a good sign to see these Yellowfin Tuna this close to shore.

Stephane Venant, Tim Capsek, and Camille Chombart we prepared for inshore battle; take a look at Stephane’s traveling arsenal:

Clearly the fish weren’t prepared for these hard-fighting Frenchmen!

Big Snappers were also lurking on the reefs, and they were no match for Stephane:

The week ended on a high note with this excellent Rooster Fish release…they had been looking for an elusive pez gallo all week and finally scored on the last day of fishing: