June 14, 2012

The blue water has been tough to find this week with the rains and northern ocean swells pushing the clean water out of our range. Fortunately Captain David of the Explorer is not fazed by less than ideal conditions, as proved by client Dane Sheild’s productive half day tuna hunt.

These monsters are a tasty addition to the fridge at Casa Tranquilo and both anglers had a blast. Nice work by the Explorer to stand strong in the face of adversity.


June 11, 2012

You ever wish you had the kind of boss who would send you and the boys on a fishing trip to Costa Rica? Tim Peeler of St. Augustine Toyota is that kind of boss.

He set up a 4 day mid-week vacation with 3 days of fishing as an incentive for the sales staff, and after a fantastic month of action on the showroom the trip to Costa Rica was won by Ian Barnett, Jeff Shearer, Jeff Blanchard and Robert Nolan.

Things got off to a fast start on their first day fishing on the Wanderer with Captain William. They started fishing at noon and by 12:45 this high-flying Sailfish had taken the bait

What a great way to start the day! Excellent fight and release as usual, but this would be the first of three Sailfish that would meet their match on this trip. The second came calling a few hours later at 3pm and once again the game was on.

The final Sailfish of the day came just on the heels of the second. Once again, the Wanderer would not be denied as these Florida anglers showed how we get down in the Sunshine State.

After 4 full hours of Sailfish battles, these ‘Sails’-men switched over the spread to target tasty Yellowfin Tunas and put a pair of plump Yella Fellas on ice.

Great start to the week for the St. Augustine Toyota posse!

June 3, 2012

Our new friends Asif and Sebastian joined our old buddy Jeff Grosshandler for what was supposed to be  a 5 hour half-day on the Explorer with Captain David and First Mate Alex on loan from the Wanderer.

Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate and they had to shorten the trip due to big waves.

That didn’t stop the legendary Explorer from catching a nice Yellowfin Tuna, though. This 40lbs. monster came in the first 30 minutes of the trip. You can tell from the background in these pictures that the storms were just about to fire off.

Great work by the dynamic duo to keep the Explorer in one piece and to make sure all the clients made it back to shore safely. It’s days like this that we are so proud to have a boatman of David’s caliber on this vessel. Here’s what Jeff had to say:

“Wow, crazy storm! Alex and David handled everything amazingly well, Alex especially impressed me. We are going back out later this week, maybe Wednesday. There are huge Tuna there right now.”

May 30, 2012

After setting the world on fire with Carlos on the Adventurer, client Josh Walker stepped up to the super panga Explorer. Carlos was along in his usual post as First Mate as Captain David set the barroom brawler on a huge pot of fish

This pair of 30lbs. Yellowfins were the highlight of the day, however the boys kept the rods bent throughout with 10 small Doardos reported in the fishbox. Though these little schoolies only weighed 15lbs. each, when you catch 10 it does add up. 

Great work by the Explorer crew and our new pal Josh Walker.

May 23, 2012

Steve Creasey will just not let up on these fish! After turning in two Hall of Fame performances in as many days, Mr. Creasey came back down to Earth with a normal fishing day…however ‘normal’ down here is still a world-class day anywhere else.

This Clearwater, FL angler added two more Pacific Sailfish releases to his scorecard plus added a trio of beefy Yellowfin Tunas to the fishbox.

Steve is set to finish his fishing vacation with Captain David on the Explorer after this excellent send-off for the Wanderer. Stay tuned!

May 23, 2012

Craig and Paula were at it again, joining Captain David and the legendary Explorer on the afternoon of May 23 for an inshore harvest. They got things off to a quick start with three nice Yellowfin tunas weighing over 30lb. a piece.

Then they drifted over the fruitful reef at Pincha Padre and pulled up this interesting Mullet Snapper, estimated to weigh 12 delicious pounds.

Great late-day action by the Explorer, a boat that catches fish rain or shine, early or late.

May 5, 2012

Hall of Famers Chuck Harris and Rick Blackburn have planned multiple days of fishing on the Wanderer. On their first day they opted for good-eating fish so Captain William chased down a large school of big Yellowfin Tunas. Check out these monsters:

Mr. Harris and his pal Dave Wesmoss have booked the Wanderer and Explorer solid this whole week. It will be exciting to see what they pull in as they grow more seasoned to Costa Rican fishing by the day. With all these tasty Yella Fellas, they will certainly be well fed for the week!

February 29, 2012

Our new friend Shepard McKenney booked Captain David for a morning half day trip on the Explorer and the Super Panga delivered the goods for this Maryland-based angler.

The Yellowfin Tuna were swarming the bait spread and throughout the day Mr. McKenney boated eight football-sized Yella Fellas.

The big fish of the morning was this Amberjack estimated to weigh 45lbs. Shepard has enough filets to keep his family fed and makes some new friends around Nosara.

Great work by a client who really knows a good boat (check out Shepard’s normal ride over at Hinckley Yachts).

February 15, 2012

Captain David has been delivering memorable Sunset fishing trips for his clients. Check out this multi-species evening:

Their 2.5 hour session yielded (from L to R) a Red Grouper, a Yellowfin Tuna, a White Tuna, and a nice Congrio. These guys made it back to shore just in time to get these filets to a restaurant…sounds like the perfect evening!