April 3, 2015

South Carolina angler Jonathan Wright enlisted the Wanderer for a day inshore of fishing and snorkeling.

The highlight of the day was this big Rooster fish release (above), however they followed it up with a smaller pez gallo later in the trip:

Also the clear waters around the Pink island made for some fun snorkeling.

All in a days’ work for the mighty Wanderer.

May 2, 2012

Garza was humming with energy on the morning of May 2 as FishingNosara joined some other area boats in welcoming 32 yoga students from the Yoga Shelter for a Marine Nature tour.

The FishingNosara flagship Wanderer led the way offshore for local boats Sportsman, High Roller, and Aimee Marie.  After seeing birds, turtles, dolphins, and other aquatic life the Yogis decided to take a peek beneath the waves.

Rain was falling on land but the conditions in San Juanillo Bay were perfect for snorkeling. The water was crystal blue and the current was not an issue. Looks like everyone took advantage of the opportunity to take the plunge…except this bird who decided to stay high and dry.

In the end it was a fun day all around. Nice job by the other area boats and by the Guiones Beach Transportation staff in their perfect execution of getting 30+ folks to and from Garza.

April 13, 2012

The newly minted Adventurer took client Laurie Anderson and her group out to the Pink Island for a afternoon Snorkel Safari Tour. Captain Carlos took the panga around the west point to the famous Pink Island.

This coral burm pokes out of the sea at low tide, and the island itself provides a barrier to the offshore winds. This keeps the water clear and the current rather slow; the recipe for perfect snorkeling conditions!

Additionally, there are several ancient (and not-so-ancient) sunken ships around this coral island. Laurie’s group enjoyed the snorkel-friendly conditions and had a wonderful time beneath the waves.

Our Snorkeling trips are safe, fun, and very popular with our guests. For those really wanting to take it to the next level, sign up for the new Lobster Tour and bring home some dinner from your Snorkeling excursion.

February 9, 2012

The Wanderer hosted Charles and his family for a fun-filled day on the water on February 9. They had some unique catches over the reef and took a few minutes out for an impromptu Snorkeling trip.

Charles broke the ice with this fine Red Grouper caught on a slow troll. Notice the spearfishing boat in the background; this is a crafty move by Captain William to utilize the commotion caused by the divers to coax these bottom dwellers up to the surface.

Mom followed up with a tasty White Tuna caught on a planer/spoon rig and was the first of two tasty White Tunas.

White Tuna are incredibly tasty to eat. Don’t take our word for it…ask this Red Grouper:

They capped off their morning trip with a nice swim just outside of Garza Bay. Great fishing and great fun on the Wanderer.

January 9, 2012

Calm seas and clear water meant that January 9 was a perfect day for a family snorkeling trip. Client Jens Mickstrom from Denmark booked the Explorer for a combination snorkeling/fishing excursion and had a great time with his wife and kids.

In these pictures the Danes are taking a break on a reef outcropping just a few feet below the surface. Excellent navigation by Captain David in showing these clients all the good underwater vistas all the while maintaining overwatch on the snorkelers.

Another safe and fun Safari Tour from FishingNosara!