December 30, 2013

Kirk Sandifer and his group enlisted the flagship Wanderer for a morning half day, and they had a brilliant day of blue water fishing. The action started early with a nice trio of Sailfish releases early in the day.

The action intensified when a mammoth Blue Marlin flew through the spread and was expertly hooked by First Mate Alex.

This fight was on, but this monster was no match for Art and the boys.

First Mate Alex turned this Marlin loose, but the Sailfish bite stayed hot yielding another pair of excellent releases.

The walk off shot was the release of ANOTHER big Blue Marlin!

This beast is by far the largest Marlin of the season so far and is truly the fish of a lifetime.

Masterful work by the legendary duo of Captain William and First Mate Alex of the famous Wanderer.

Two Marlins and four Sails on a 5hr. trip? That is the stuff of legend!

“We had a great trip in Nosara, I only wished we could have fished more. The one day with Captain William and Alex, we released 5 sails and 1 blue Marlin.”

“As I was hoping for, my son who just celebrated his nineteenth birthday caught his first bill fish; 1 sail at 9:30 AM and a blue at 11AM.”

“Great day with your team Alex is a beast and William landed us on the bills. They work so good together we just decided to stay out of their way.”

“Our hook up ratio was strong, something like 6 for 9 strikes.”

“Awesome day in Costa Rica. Pura Vida baby!!!”

Kirk Sandifer