July 28, 2015

The Barroom Brawler scored a knockout with client Matt Smoker achieving the Billfish Grand Slam on July 28!

The day started innocently enough with a pair of nice Sailfish releases:

Then Captain Carlos improved upon the scorecard with a small Black Marlin release.

Estimated around 200lbs., this juvenile Black Marlin put up a big fight but was safely handled and released by Mate Kevin.

Then a 500+ lbs. Blue Marlin hit the hook and Matt Smoker belted up for the true fish-of-a-lifetime:

This fish is a true monster and is fitting that it was final jewel in the Grand Slam crown for Mr. Smoker.

Oh, one other thing about this Grand Slam…5hr. HALF DAY TRIP!

Most anglers work their whole lives to accomplish the Grand Slam, but the Explorer only needs 300 minutes…mic drop!