March 27, 2014

March 27 was a Banner day for Billfish on the mighty Wanderer. John Koons and his swamp posse was back on board the blue beauty for a day that would see several Sailfish released and one MASSIVE Marlin!

Once again the most junior members of the crew broke the ice with a pair of  excellent Sailfish releases before turning the rod over to the big boys.

At 1pm the boys pulled off a slick Double Sailfish release:


Everyone scored a Sailfish release, but the highlight of the trip came around 3pm.

This big Black Marlin took a lure and tried to run away with it, but Team Koons wasn’t hearing any of that!

After a vigourous 20 minute fight the whole team lined up for a picture with nature’s toughest predatory fish.

First Mate Alex finished the safe release with his signature move: a small kiss on the bill for this deadly pelagic!

Excellent work by the crew of the famous Wanderer to safely release this fish-of-a-lifetime!