May 2, 2015

Client Max Kellogg scored a mighty Marlin with the flagship Wanderer on May 2.

This high-flying monster put up a heck of a fight, but Max kept the heat on her aided by Captain William’s masterful boat handling:

Look carefully at the :08 mark…How the heck does he keep perfect pace to keep the Marlin alongside while still sneaking out from behind the wheel to take this picture?

Cause he is a badass. That’s how.

Nice fish-handling by First Mate Alex to see the fish and angler safely separated to fight another day.

Max followed up this fish of a lifetime with a few Sailfish releases.


Then they closed out the day with a picture-perfect Rooster fish release.

“We just got back.  Got a 300# Blue, 2 decent sized Sailfish, and a nice Rooster, probably 40#+.   Lost a couple of small dorado.    Came in about 2:30.   Great trip – perfect conditions!”