November 29, 2014

The battleship Discoverer deliver the fish-of-a-lifetime for Al Santiesteban and his family on their final fishing day:

This monster Blue Marlin is an angling accomplishment that many travel the world’s oceans in pursuit of, and the excitement generate by this catch can’t be overstated.

As has become their habit, this fishing family added a few more Sailfish to their scorecard later in the trip, rounding out an excellent week of fishing action.




Al has already booked a return trip in late-March and we expect another fantastic performance upon his return.

November 28, 2014

The Discoverer has been on a billfish-battling mission this month and on November 28 welcomed Al Santiesteban’s family along with Craig Sutton and Danny ‘Shake n Bake’ Baker for a great trip offshore.

They conquered five Pacific Sailfish, then turned their attention inshore where they bested a nice Dorado and a beefy Amberjack:

Great work all around from the crew of the battleship Discoverer!

November 27, 2014

Al Santiesteban scored huge again on the Wanderer with this sweet pair of Rooster Fish releases:

The second release was bigger than the first:

Oh yeah! That’s a true monster, safe released by First Mate Alex after the brief photo op.

These Tampa anglers kept up their filet stocks with this excellent Dorado added later in the trip:

Great work Al!

November 26, 2014

The Discoverer welcomed Al Santiesteban’s family for their third trip of the week and performed beautifully with multiple Sailfish releases.

These Tampa Bay anglers have a knack for great catches, but believe me you won’t see monsters like this lurking under the Howard Franklin Bridge!

Later in the trip young Bryce added this respectable Dorado, ensuring that this great fishing family has a few filets for the refrigerator.

November 25, 2014

In the afternoon the flagship was pleased to welcome Al Santiesteban and his family to Nosara for a full week of fishing.

These guys traveled a rocky road to get from Florida to Nosara, complete with passport issues in Miami and fog delays at the San Jose Airport.

However the good karma they earned from these obstacles led to hot fishing action. Check out this Sailfish release late in the day on the 25th:

Great work by Mate Kevin to help with the fight and see to the safe release of this beautiful fish.