May 10, 2014

More Marlin action was in store for Nan Dalton on May 10.

The Wanderer battles tall seas and a big blue Marlin all at once.

About one tenth of a second after this photo (below) the Marlin broke the snap swivel in half and escaped…not an ideal result but in the world of fighting monster fish, the fish sometimes win.

This is a fish-catching couple and we know that these Florida anglers will be back on the bite tomorrow.

May 18, 2012

Our new friend Kristina Peleaz had one of those fishing days that will either make you an angler-for-life or quit the game all together. She had a Marlin on the outrigger but it resisted the urge to strike. Then she lost two big Dorados after prolonged battles.

Finally she caught a pair of Rock Snappers for the dinner table and a quartet of Bonitas for sport. Still I am sure she is haunted by the ghosts of the big fish that could have been.

January 10, 2012

Lots of sad faces around Garza today because the offshore fishing has been really slow.  Today nine boats went offshore and just one saw a Sailfish. On the Wanderer client Allen Valique lost 2 big Dorados and the only boats reporting catches were of the small Bonita or Jack Crevalle variety.

The prevailing logic is that the full moon screwed up the feeding pattern and that as the moon wanes the bite should turn back on in a big way. Stay tuned!

January 7, 2012

After boating 15 nice fish to finish 2011, Sr. Eduardo Berrios and his padre set out to make their first trip of 2012 just as fruitful.

They put several Bonita in the bait bucket to get started then put the teasers out for billfish.

Captian David keep changing up the Explorer‘s spread to try to coax the big billfish up to the surface.

Unfortunately the Sails and Marlin were scarce and the Berrios boys only had a few small nibbles on the trip.

Eduardo uploaded this photo from the boat along with this caption:

“Heading home after spending the entire day on the water. No billfish but we still had a great time.”

November 27, 2011

Kind of a slow day today for the FishingNosara team. Captain David welcomed client Ian Raymond to the Explorer for a combination snorkling-fishing trip in the afternoon. They were productive on the fish boating five tough little Needlefish.

Craig and Paula had a tough go of it on the Wanderer…Paula had a sail on the line but it got away this time, and the rest of the day’s action was slow.

Oh well, you can’t set records every day. Let’s hope for some better action tomorrow.

May 20, 2011

On May 20 Craig, Paula, and local Dan Rey took the Wanderer offshore again looking for the blue water break. After 8 miles and only a few jumping Sailfish, they thought better of the offshore action and returned inshore where most of that week’s good catches had been made. On cue they nailed a pair of Yellowfin tunas for the fishbox.

With billfish hunting you must be prepared to put in long hours trolling while waiting for that one big strike. Despite the zero releases, the late-day tuna scores really proves Captain William’s mettle and never-give-up spirit…even on a bad day the Wanderer catches fish.

Did you know that Jim Morrison is still alive and fishing with us in Nosara?

Just kidding, that’s our good buddy Dan Rey with a pair of Yellowfins, but the resemblance is striking!

February 26, 2011

The whole team was out on the water today, and though the big billfish were elusive today all of the boats got on some fish. There was a pair of sailfish strikes on the Wanderer but no releases; they spent the afternoon working over the inshore reefs and caught two Yellowfin tunas and a sweet Amberjack.

Explorer Fishng Boat

On the Explorer client Jess Lockmon took a 2.5 hour sunset fishing trip with Captain David, and they caught a fat Dorado on a slow troll. Great ending to a very long day for Captain David who mated on the Wanderer all day before this trip.

Yellowfin Tuna

If there’s fish to be caught, you know that Captain Eduardo and the Nice n’ Tight will be right on top of them. With clients Steven and Liam on board, the biggest little boat in Garza had a field day on some football sized Yella fellas.

Yellow fin Tuna

Great day for the whole FishingNosara family.

February 22, 2011

Client Submitted Report: Brenton Young

“We had an awesome time on the boat.  As a person who has fished most of my life I understand slow days.  We paid for a boat charter and there is no promise of fish.  The group said it was one of the best days they have had in CR and thoroughly enjoyed the ride.”

Fishing in Costa Rica

“William and Alex were awesome and made the trip even more enjoyable.  Alex really knows he is doing, and William took us through a huge pod of porpoise several times because he saw how happy it made the girls.”

“I will be back and will definitely charter the Wanderer again.”

February 21, 2011

Tough action today in Nosara…the conditions offshore were windy with high seas and the inshore water was green as emerald. With such poor visibility in the water, it’s no surprise that all of the boats in Garza had trouble getting fish.

Costa Rica Fishing Boat Explorer

Over on the Explorer Captain David kept the rods bending for client Cameron on a half-day trip, but unfortunately none of the catches were ones to write home about: three average Black tunas and a lonely Bar Jack.

Fishing in Costa Rica

Annie Robinson booked the Wanderer for a half-day and had similarly marginal results. Despite some surface activity and some promising nibbles, all she came home with was a single Yellowfin Tuna.