March 7, 2024

Rob and Pamela Humpel covered a wide stretch of ocean on March 7 and scored a nice variety of catches.

An nice Yellowfin Tuna and a pair of Dorado scores set the table for an excellent Sailfish release:

They moved inshore at the end of the day and caught this evil-looking Barracuda…heckuva fight, especially on spinning tackle.

November 19, 2017

The Harvester stayed inshore with Clayton Laskowski and his posse for a great day of action.

According to Captain Alex’ trusty Boca Grip this Cubera Snapper clocked in at 38lbs. Then they nabbed a nice Queen Snapper:

A big Dorado wandered inshore and fell into the Harvester‘s web.

Lastly they scored this nice-sized Wahoo. Pretty sweet to go home with three different kinds of filets!

They also busted this Barracuda who was trying to steal from the pantry:

Time for refreshments after a long day of action!