February 12, 2022


FishingNosara Hall of Famer Sloan Rogers has struck again! This wonderful Blue Marlin/Black Marlin/Sailfish release day is truly one for record books:

Captain Wilson has found his footing at the helm of the People’s Champion Harvester.

Sloan Rogers is already booked to be on the Harvester for the upcoming Ship of Fools Tournament in late-March, and if he can duplicate this kind of performance then all the other boats will be fighting for second place.

April 8, 2021

Sloan Rogers sent his boys out fishing on the Harvester to get warmed up  for the tournament, and they pulled off FishingNosara’s first ever Quintuple Sailfish release.

This simulatneous battle put the ability of Mate Wilson and Captain Alex to the test, yet they kept the lines from tangling and safely revived and released all five fish.

Amazing work by the unstoppable Harvester.