December 25, 2016

Hendrik and Maria Engel returned to Nosara for another round of fishing action. This family has fished with us since Christmas of 2013 and always seem to find big fish.

They got things started with a late-day Sailfish release on Christmas Day with Captain William on the Wanderer.

Nice start to a great week of fishing in paradise!

December 27, 2015

Hendrik and Maria Engel continued their annual Christmas fishing fiesta with a legendary performance on the mighty Wanderer.

After three years of knocking out Pacific Sailfish, young Ms. Engel finally scored the true fish-of-a-lifetime with this gargantuan Blue Marlin:

Fantastic work by Captain William to deliver this, his third Marlin release of the week.

Later in the day Hendrik brought home dinner for the family in the form of this big Yellowfin Tuna.

December 26, 2014

The mighty Wanderer put on a show for two groups of clients on December 26. First up was this excellent pair of Rooster fish releases scored first thing in the morning by Leah Armstrong :

These safe releases were the highlight of the morning session, but the big blue beauty was barely getting started.


In the afternoon we welcomed a great returning client and his family.

Hendrick Engel started fishing with our team late last year, and this time he returned with wife Maria and his daughter who was celebrating her 16th birthday.

For the birthday girl, how’s a Double Sailfish release sound for a present?

Great fish handling by First Mate Alex was the icing on the cake!

Captain William is known for squeezing every drop of action out of a fishing day, as proven by the nice Dorado and two more Sailfish scored at the end of the Engel’s outing.

That’s why the Wanderer is the King of Garza Bay!

December 22, 2014

December 22 was another day of double-duty for William and Alex on the flagship, and the morning clients got things cooking with a bunch of Sailfish releases.

In the afternoon session, Hendrick Engel and his daughter continued their fishing hot streak with a bevy of Yellowfin Tuna catches on the Wanderer.

It is rare to see Yella Fellas this early in the season, especially with such good size to them.

Team Engel also scored a nice Sailfish to round out the day.

March 7, 2014

Another day, another six Sailfish releases for client Hendrik Engel. We first met Mr. Engel when he snagged some Sailfish with Captain David on Christmas Day, but this time the presents were really piled around the tree!

The best part is that this swarm of Sails was released in just five hours of fishing.

Great fishing handling as usual by Mate Kevin, who is showing off our newest piece of FishingNosara gear.

These Incite Brands Hi-Tek Dri-Fits are all the rage in Nosara now…make sure to snap yours up before we run out of the initial batch!

The Explorer is on fire right now and we know to always expect amazing action from the 26-foot Super panga.

Awesome work by Captain David on the legendary Explorer.

March 5, 2014

On March 3rd we welcomed back our new friend Hendrik Engel for another three rounds of billfish bouts.

This lovely Sailfish was a sign of good things to come as Mr. Engel really gathered up the release on the 5th.

Hendrik has only been fishing with us for about 6 months but he already has a reputation for lighting up the scoreboard every time he goes out.