March 5, 2016

FishingNosara Hall of Famers Ron LaGro and Catherine Chase rejoined the Wanderer for their annual blue water fishing adventure, and scored lots of big Sailfish on just a 5 hour half-day.

Catherine has a knack for battling big billfish, and she put on a catching clinic like usual.


Ron also brought home the bacon in the form of this football-sized Yellowfin Tuna.

January 15, 2014

Catherine Chase and Ron LaGro have been fishing with us since 2009, and the Wanderer always performs when they take to the blue water. Click this link to check out their prior trips; these two are pulled off the first Double Sailfish release!

Anyways, their trip on January 15 produced the baddest Black Marlin of the season so far…take a look at the shoulders on this gorilla:

Let’s watch from the hook-up to the release:


Ron LaGro fought the Black well, allowing it to tire itself out deep rather than allow it to put on an aerial display.

The fight was short and efficient and Alex executed a perfect release as usual.

Later in the day Catherine scored on billfish with this lovely Sailfish release.

Ron countered with a Sailfish release of his own to finish off the trip.

Amazing work by the flagship Wanderer and these super-angler clients.

July 22, 2011

Our good buddy and Guiones Beach neighbor Ron LaGro was back on the Wanderer for his fifth trip of the season, and once again Captain William and First Mate Alex had the big blue beauty on the fish with rods bent.

The action was fierce early in the day with eight Bonitas in the boat. Ron also caught a big green Dorado for the dinner table and lost a massive Yellowfin Tuna right at the boat.

They also saw lots of whales and finally headed back in with dinner in the bag and another great day of fishing behind them.

March 5, 2011

We were predicting a good day and sure enough the big Sailfish came calling. Our on the Wanderer Catherine Chase had a magnificent day on the blue water. They raised several Marlin and Sailfish, with four successful releases added to the scorecard.

March 5 brought one of our favorite clients Catherine Chase out on the Wanderer. Last year she worked over the Dorados, but nothing could prepare her for this magnificent day on the blue water.

Woman Fishing in Costa Rica

Why bother explaining how Catherine and the boys pulled off the now-legendary Double Double Sailfish…just let the pictures do the talking:

Double Billshot

All Four Fish Live Released

Please note that our crews have decades of combined experience handling these fish. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS PHOTOGRAPH!!! While exciting, the double billshot can be very hazardous to fish, boat, and humans alike. Unless you also have a lifetime of experience on the water, don’t even think about it!

Meanwhile on the Explorer, Captain David and client David Mederos got a nice sailfish of their own.


Sailfish Costa Rica

As always, this billfish was safely released to fight another day.

Sailfish Release

After the Sailfish release, they experimented with fly fishing for Yellowfin tuna over the reefs…we are actively looking for fly fishing experts who want to try their hand on the Roosterfish, Cuberras, and even Billfish.