August 27, 2019

The Sims group finished off their trip on August 27 with a fun day in the sun on the Discoverer.

They were paced by the Wanderer offshore, but pulled up when the keen-eyed Captain Carlos spotted this floating debris:

The large fish were elusive but the big battleship stayed busy with a large quantity of smaller catches.

They had a sushi appetizer to celebrate the good catches, then contributed their sizable haul of fish to Maria for a family-style dinner back at Nosara Paradise Rentals.

Great trip for Team Sims!

August 26, 2019

Darrell and Teresa Sims scored big on their second day of fishing with Captain William.

Big Yellowfin Tunas were the order of the day, the flagship Wanderer loaded up.

Mark caught a nice Sailfish in the middle of the trip.

Then it was back to the Yellowfin Tunas.

Great day of action for these fun-loving Texas anglers. Looks like dinner is served!