October 17, 2018

As we barrel into the new season, the FishingNosara team is putting the finishing touches on the refitting and reloading of the fleet.

On the Discoverer we have replaced the old Polynesian teak covering panels with new pieces of a local-sourced wood called Guapinol.

The flagship Wanderer is also getting new Guapinol for the transom, plus is getting fresh runners down the gunwales.

We also have replaced all of the rod holders with Screw-less holders from GEM Products.

We’ve used these bad boys on the Harvester and are stoked to apply them to our old flagship.

Also the in-deck fuel tanks have been pulled, scraped, and re-painted.

Now that the essentials are in place, it’s time to clean her up and re-assemble.

The rest of the Wanderer has come out nicely and we will get her splashed this week.

Also Captain Alex has finished the rehab work on the Harvester and is ready to rock-and-roll.

Meanwhile, Casa Privada’s added bathroom is completed. No more going into the main house for late-night needs.

October 8, 2018

Our rainy season fishing campaign concluded with a trio of trips in early October with angler Troy Davis enlisting the Explorer for blue water action.

Several Sailfish releases were backed up with a literal boat load of medium-sized Dorados.

Mr. Smith and his crew got out of town just in time to avoid some historic flooding. Some areas of Nosara endured 30 feet of flooding.

The flooding in Nosara has been challenging, but the Ticos are working together and helping each other out.

Here is the 23-foot Adventurer with Capitan Alex, Antonio, and NPR staff Jeni and others getting some local kids to high ground.

The waters have since receded and things are getting back to normal.

September 22, 2018

Most of the boats are on the hill for their annual refit and repaint to prepare for the new season. But Javier and Grevan felt the fishing itch, so they took the Transporter out to the reef and scored a boatload of Yellowfin Tunas in just under two hours.

That’s right, the Transporter…our 14-foot ferry boat that our clients know well from the trip from Playa Garza out to the boats.

Well, um….two things here: 1.) This is the boat record for the Transporter, and 2.) You know how we always say you don’t need a big boat to catch big fish in Nosara? This is what we are talking about.

September 18, 2018

Jeroen Nelis specifically wanted to target Sailfish, and although we can only take what the ocean gives us, on September 18 the ocean was in a giving mood and provided this angler with an excellent Sailfish release.

This great trophy release was backed up by some nice Dorados for the dinner table.

Great work by Captain Fico and the Explorer!