July 16, 2012

Gary Stabb and his son took a quick 2.5 hour spin on the Adventurer today and came home with a very nice Spanish Mackeral and a tasty permit to boot. That’s a killer combo for sushi, filets, or even ceviche.

If these guys don’t know how lucky they got with these fish it’s because they haven’t made it to the dinner table yet. Excellent work by the Stabb boys and Captain Carlos of the tremendous Adventurer.

July 16, 2012

Hall of Famer Morgan Trible has brought along a very special guest for a week of fishing in Costa Rica: His father Mr. Richard Harris!

They joined Captain David on the Explorer for their first fishing foray and the unstoppable Super Panga delivered the goods! They knocked out a few big Jack Crevelles and caught a very tasty Ponpano.

The highlight of the trip was a 35lbs. Rooster fish release, a first for both Morgan and Rick.

They also lost a gigantic Cuberra Snapper on a topwater plug; usually these beasts don’t come up to the surface and the fact that this one did is a good sign. Morgan and Richard have more trips planned this week so keep an eye on these monster anglers. 

July 15, 2012

Northeast Florida angler Austin Hattaway booked the big blue beauty for a billfish hunt, and as always the flagship Wanderer delivered the goods for an angler from her former port of call.

They had two Sailfish strikes throughout the trip and capitalized on both; the first came calling at 9 am just minutes after the flagship deployed the spread.

Sailfish number two came in for a landing just after 1pm and this fish was still ticked off after the brief 10 minute fight. Nice work by Mate Carlos to keep this pelagic under control.

Great work by the Wanderer and Florida’s own Austin Hattaway!

July 15, 2012

Clients Nicholas Jaros and Ian Milligan booked the unstoppable Explorer for a hybrid inshore/offshore half day trip. We are stoked to report that both phases were very productive.

This Sailfish release was timestamped at 10:35am and is proof that our billfish bite is consistent in the hours of 10am and 1pm. Nice release by local legend Marcos Bala who was assisting Captain David as the mate on this trip.

Later in the trip they scored this excellent-tasting Mullet Snapper. A close cousin of both the Cuberra Snapper and the Atlantic Red Snapper, these tasty morsels yield a flaky white meat that literally melts in your mouth.

This specimen is just the right size at around 25lbs.; any bigger and the quality of the meat declines. Great work by the anglers and crew of the Explorer on a well-rounded day of fishing.

July 11, 2012

Client Marion Lawler III is on vacation in Costa Rica with his family and chartered the Wanderer for a 6.5 hour offshore excursion. These experienced Texas anglers turned in a magnificent performance on the FishingNosara flagship.

This Sailfish lit up the spread just after 12 o’clock and put on quite a show for young Mr. Lawler; the expression on this lads face shows what big-time sportfishing is all about.

Captain William kept this monster on a short leash with his masterful boat handling skills while First Mate Alex expertly directed the safe release.

The billfish vanished around 1:30, but over on the Explorer Captain David radioed in that he had found a large school of feeding porpoises. Captain William followed his hunch and fell in next to a pod of spinning porpoises, knowing that they would lead the Wanderer to a pot of Yellowfin gold.

Sure enough around 3pm this HUGE Yellowfin tuna was hooked up and it was Marion’s other son on the reel this time.

A beautiful Sailfish release for the trophy case and about 40lbs. of Yellowfin for the dinner table…that’s about a perfect day for Team Lawler!