September 20, 2020

The rapid progress on Casa Bianca continues…both stairwells are complete and looking good.

The front of the house is nearly complete as is the clean-up of the grounds. Coming soon will be the next garden masterpiece from Javier and Grevan.

Here is the driveway next to the South stairwell.

Inside of Casa Bianca, the concrete around the wood ceiling joists has been fitted and polished. The depth of this wood’s finish seems endless.

Of course, if you keep staring upwards your might miss what is right at your feet:

This tile project requires meticulous attention to detail combine with difficult labor, but our crew is full of tough folks who attack hard work with vigor.

Amazing work by the crew of Nosara Paradise Rentals.

September 10, 2020

We’ve been dodging hurricane-level rainstorms for about a week, but the sun finally shined through to give us a great view of the progress on Casa Bianca.

This coat of primer is not exactly the color of the final paint job (which will be pure white), but the primer gives us a nice sneak-peek at the finished product.

The sunshine highlights the immaculate wood work in the ceiling.

The crew is hard at work finishing the tiny details where the wood meets the concrete. Details make the difference.

We are also progressing on the kitchen counters and bathroom sinks. Here is the first glimpse of one of the bathroom sinks:

Here are the kitchen counter areas.

Coming soon in the fixtures, commodes, and tile work. Stay tuned!

August 26, 2020

The rainy season has arrived, and it came in with a BANG!

On August 26 there were flooded roads and bridges all over the Nosara area.

Our office took in a little water, but we are no worse for the wear.

Also the culvert under the bridge behind Casa Serena got clogged with trees, but our guys were quick to pitch in with our neighbors to de-clog the passage.

Incredible bravery and strength on display at Nosara Paradise Rentals.

August 18, 2020

Casa Bianca is reaching for the sky and striking a stunning silhouette against the Costa Rican sky.

The base coat of primer gives us a glimpse of how this building will look once it gets a final coat of white paint. On the inside of the house the crew is making headway on the walls, windows, and ceiling.

Here you can see Mate Kevin priming the raw concrete on the bathroom wall in Unit #2.

The stairwell on the southside of the building creates a spacial challenge; we have to be spot-on with the measurements to make sure that a Safari Cart will fit under the stairs.

This stair set leaves exactly enough room for a cart and still sits within the property line. Our crew doesn’t rest on its successes, so they got right to work on painting the stairs and the southside of the building.

The next step inside to install the ceiling wood to complete the interior space. If you look closely you can see that joists have been secured to the cement and the electrical sockets have been put in place.


The craftsman ship is superb on this finished ceiling:



Now we have to start laying out the kitchen counters. In order to build these in place, we use an this inverted-framing technique that is effective and doesn’t waste any concrete.

The next big milestone will be laying the tile on the floor. We are excited to see the interior of Casa Bianca take shape.

August 2, 2020

On August 2, Captain Alex rounded up some of the co-workers from the Casa Bianca jobsite and took them to the offshore meat market.

The Harvester performed beautifully, delivering more than a dozen of these much-needed filets to the Nosara community. Check out Grevan with these awesome Yella fellas:

The worlds a little crazy on land, but 0n the Harvester it’s a nice normal day on the water.