January 18, 2020

Justin Dorsk performed brilliantly on the afternoon of January 18. Check out this email he sent us the next day:  “We had a great day fishing on Saturday on the Explorer. The guys put us on some great fish.”

“We caught 3 sail fish and 1 Mahi. 2 other mahi spit out the hook, but we got to see them jump.”

“The dolphin pods we saw were amazing. Thanks for a great excursion.”

Justin and Erin Dorsk
Alexandria, VA
January 18, 2020

January 16, 2020

The Explorer posted a very contradictory scorecard on January 16; on one hand they caught two memorable fish but on the other hand both had to be released.

We’ve put a self-imposed restriction on these big Cubera Snappers. When they are this big we chose to release them for the health of the fishery.

Big or small, we want nothing to do with this Shark:

Still a great day of rod-bending fun on the barroom brawler Explorer.

January 15, 2020

Tampa angler John Harbord has returned to Nosara after 8 long years. He was enshrined in the FishingNosara Hall of Fame on the strength of our first ever Billfish Grand Slam:

This is back when we used to take the fish out of the water, a practice we abandoned in 2014 to ensure billfish safety.

They reunited with Captain Alex on the 15th and got right back to business with multiple Sailfish releases.

Dinner is on deck due to whopper Wahoos.

Amazing catches by the People’s Champion Harvester.