April 15, 2011

Attention Jacksonville folks! At this weekend’s Southeast US Boat Show at Met Park, FishingNosara and Nosara Paradise Rentals will be giving away a free week in Casa Capitan and the winner’s choice of a 2.5 hour trip with Captain David on the Explorer or a Safari Tour for up to 4 people.

Best part is…$0 RAFFLE TICKETS! That’s right, this raffle is absolutely free to any attendee of the boat show. Come out and see us this weekend!

FishingNosara Booth

FishingNosara T-Shirts

For show details, check out the Southeast US Boat Show Website.

April 13, 2011

A few weeks back while pre-fishing for the Ship of Fools Tournament, I asked Captain David Barrantes of the Explorer if there were any other area captains who he didn’t like. See in Florida we get really competitive with other boats, especially during tournament time.

David looked at me like I was crazy and laughed off the question. “Matt, we are all friends on the water.”

Captian David Barrantes

Sure enough, these guys really look out for each other. From sharing the location of good fishing spots to giving away excess bait, the Ticos of Garza bay are family first, fishermen second.

It is no surprise then that when longtime FishingNosara mate Vibert Blanche, Jr. received his own boat, the Secret Spot, that Captain David joined him for an afternoon trip to help shake down the new craft.

David and Vibert shared the duties of rigging, gaffing, and angling like old friends. I imagine that seeing these two titans of Garza fishing in the same boat scared the bejezzus out of the fish, and with good reason.

David on the Gaff Shot

Vibert on the Gaff

By the end of the trip they had caught several nice Yellowfin tunas and this beautiful Roosterfish.

Vibert and Yellowfin Tuna

Costa Rica Roosterfish

Though the Secret Spot is not currently a part of the FishingNosara fleet, we wish young Vibert the best of luck on his new boat…after all “We are all friends on the water.”

Costa Rica Roosterfish

April 8, 2011

Most recently, Ran Davis booked the Wanderer on April 8 and had some really nice catches. Mr. Davis and his group came home with a 40lbs. Cuberra Snapper, four Yellowfin Tunas, and a tasty little white tuna.

Cuberra Snapper in the Water Cuberra Snapper Costa Rica Kid with Tuna Cuberra Snapper

Great inshore action for the Wanderer in a month where the fish are literally chewing the bottoms out of the boats. Great job by the whole FishingNosara Team!

April 5, 2011

The Explorer was back on duty the morning of March 25 with client Luke and early half day. They got off to a quick start, catching a 20lbs. Dorado and a football-sized Yellowfin Tuna.

Around 11am the billfish woke up and began assaulting the Explorer‘s spread. In less than an hour they raised three Sailfish and released two. Excellent action no matter how you slice it!

For a victory lap, Luke and David visited the inshore reef for a quick casting session and once again put the hooks into an incredible fish… a 60lbs. Rooster Fish!

After the Ship of Fools, we knew there would be no post tournament letdown for the Explorer. Captain David on the barroom brawler called the Explorer caught a white tuna, a 25lbs. Yellowfin tuna, and a 45lbs. Dorado. Excellent trip!

April 4, 2011

We got some great news from the Explorer on April 4. The Super Panga with the supersized heart was booked by client Kieran Charles Fleming from Michigan for a full day of offshore billfish hunting. Captain David enlisted First Mate Alex from the Wanderer for the trip, and the boys did an excellent job of putting the clients on the fish of their dreams.

Sailfish Release Costa Rica

First up was a nice Sailfish release estimated over 100lbs. While that may satisfy most panga boats, the Explorer is not your daddy’s panga…it is a billfish hunter to the bone!

Blue Marlin

Just ask this 300lbs. Blue Marlin that Captain David and Kieran released late in the day!

Blue Marlin Costa Rica

Marlin Release CR

The moral of this story? The fish don’t care how big the boat is. The right tackle, the right captain, and a good angler are all that is required to catch the fish of a lifetime on the 26′ foot giant killer…Explorer!

April 4, 2011

The Wanderer has built a reputation as the gold standard billfish hunter in the area, and client Mike Baker joined Captain William and First Mate Alex for a fantastic afternoon on the water on April 4.

The midday billfish bite turned on in a big way with baits popping off left and right. Despite missing a handful of mystery nibbles, the boys still released 3 Sailfish and caught a nice 35lbs. Dorado for the dinner table.

April 1, 2011

Captain David took clients Michael and Sarah out on the Explorer for a 2.5 hour morning trip. They found hot action at a very famous reef just off of Garza called Picha Padre. On this very short trip they caught a nice white tuna and three useful black tunas.

Captain David Barrantes, Garza

The Explorer always delivers action from big billfish to feisty inshore species. Another great performance from Captain David.

March 30, 2011

The Wanderer is still rocking after a great week of billfishing. With Alex decked out as the ‘hombre malo con manga corta’ (The Bad Man with the Long Sleeves), this pair of sailfish couldn’t resist the spread.

Woman with Fish

Sailfish Nosara

As usual Captain William masterfully manipulated boat and fish to draw these fights to safe and quick ends. They couldn’t of been more pleased with his trip and their two sailfish releases.

March 29, 2011

No post tournament letdown for FishingNosara! After a grueling weekend of tournament fishing and multi-charter days, our Captains and crews have kept their collective foot on the metaphorical pedal.

Captain David on the barroom brawler called the Explorer caught a white tuna, a 25lbs. Yellowfin tuna, and a 45lbs. Dorado. Excellent trip to the fish market!

Wanderer fishing boat

Meanwhile on the blue beauty Wanderer the billfish were popping all day long. Captain William kept a steady hand on the tiller while First Mate Alex ran the cockpit like a champion. By days end the boys had released three beautiful Sailfish.

Sailfish Release Costa Rica

Seems like the bite is really turning on both inshore and out deep. Looks like this season is about to really get cooking.