July 11, 2012

Client Marion Lawler III is on vacation in Costa Rica with his family and chartered the Wanderer for a 6.5 hour offshore excursion. These experienced Texas anglers turned in a magnificent performance on the FishingNosara flagship.

This Sailfish lit up the spread just after 12 o’clock and put on quite a show for young Mr. Lawler; the expression on this lads face shows what big-time sportfishing is all about.

Captain William kept this monster on a short leash with his masterful boat handling skills while First Mate Alex expertly directed the safe release.

The billfish vanished around 1:30, but over on the Explorer Captain David radioed in that he had found a large school of feeding porpoises. Captain William followed his hunch and fell in next to a pod of spinning porpoises, knowing that they would lead the Wanderer to a pot of Yellowfin gold.

Sure enough around 3pm this HUGE Yellowfin tuna was hooked up and it was Marion’s other son on the reel this time.

A beautiful Sailfish release for the trophy case and about 40lbs. of Yellowfin for the dinner table…that’s about a perfect day for Team Lawler!

July 8, 2012

Jacksonville anglers Jesus Pulido and Dianne Gregory has an outstanding trip on the Wanderer today. Dianne got things going early with this beautiful Pacific Sailfish release around 9:30am.

Great release by First Mate Alex on this true fish of a lifetime!

This posse then set about filling the fishbox with fresh filets and found these excellent Yellowfin Tunas in a school offshore. They had several simultaneous hook-ups and ended up with four monsters on ice, plus they added a Dorado for good measure.

Clean-up, needed in the fish department.”

Once again the Wanderer turns in an off-the-charts for this Duval county group on just a 5 hour half-day!

June 24, 2012

Dennis Paul has a habit of catching gigantic fish down in here in Nosara and on his third trip of the week he added a new species to his scorecard: BIG Yellowfin Tunas.

Captain William set the Wanderer far offshore (15 miles) to find the blue water and once the big blue beauty found the blue water the bite was on. Dennis caught a total of five Yella Fellas ranging in weight from 25lbs. – 40 lbs. All Yellowfin fight the same way no matter their size and these lunkers skyrocketed and zigzagged with the same velocity as their smaller brethren.

 Only with the right combination of boat, tackle, and angler could these monsters find their way to the fishbox.

Excellent work once again from Dennis Paul and the flagship Wanderer.

June 22, 2012

Client John Baumgart and his wife set off on their first of three fishing trips with FishingNosara on June 22. They chose the mighty Wanderer for their inaugural trip and within the first hour of trolling were rewarded with this mammoth Yellowfin Tuna.

First Mate Alex put out the billfish spread and around 11am a big mean Pacific Sailfish had gulped the hook and was pulling against Mr. Baumgart with all of its strength.

All eyes were on John as he slowly won back line from the monster and brought her alongside the Wanderer. Captain William displayed his mastery of boat handling as he cut off this creature’s attempts to outflank the flagship.

Good game, shake hands.

As always this billfish was safely released and we look forward to catching her another day. Great start to the week for Team Baumgart.

June 14, 2012

The blue water has been tough to find this week with the rains and northern ocean swells pushing the clean water out of our range. Fortunately Captain David of the Explorer is not fazed by less than ideal conditions, as proved by client Dane Sheild’s productive half day tuna hunt.

These monsters are a tasty addition to the fridge at Casa Tranquilo and both anglers had a blast. Nice work by the Explorer to stand strong in the face of adversity.


May 5, 2012

Hall of Famers Chuck Harris and Rick Blackburn have planned multiple days of fishing on the Wanderer. On their first day they opted for good-eating fish so Captain William chased down a large school of big Yellowfin Tunas. Check out these monsters:

Mr. Harris and his pal Dave Wesmoss have booked the Wanderer and Explorer solid this whole week. It will be exciting to see what they pull in as they grow more seasoned to Costa Rican fishing by the day. With all these tasty Yella Fellas, they will certainly be well fed for the week!

November 20, 2011

Another legendary day for Charly Bernhardt and Silvia Munoz on the Wanderer!

Regular readers of this report remember that Charly and Silvia were on the big blue beauty exactly one year ago for the most productive day of Yellowfin tuna fishing in recent memory; Jog your memory by Watching the video or reading the post.

So here we are 364 days later, and what do you think happened?






Whoa! Those are some big f*$%king tunas…it’s amazing that they could hold these things up for the pictures let alone pull them out of the water. Great work by Craig, Paula, Charly and Silvia on some amazing angling!





This is why Alex lifts weights…great work all around by anglers, boat, Captain William, and the crew.

July 31, 2011

They say everything is bigger in Texas, so when the Wanderer welcomed Lone Star gal Debbie Griffith and her posse from Cypress on July 31 it was clear that only the BIG fish would have to be worried. Captain William hunted down a large school of feeding porpoises and put the Wanderer right alongside the feeding frenzy as First Mate Alex and the boys threw Williamson “El Poppers” to the surface-striking Yellowfin Tunas.

They caught two monster Yellowfin Tunas over 60lbs using this top water casting tactic. Later in the day they drew the attention of a big Sailfish but couldn’t quite bury the hooks. Still, all is well with over 120lbs. of Tuna in the fishbox…enough to feed an appetite the size of Texas.

You can tell from the pictures that these are some Heavy Yella Fellas!