October 20, 2020

Craig finished his three-day campaign on the Harvester with a rod-bending day of action. Our chief mechanic Marino was on the real for this fun Dorado catch.

Later in the afternoon the mega panga hooked up a supercharged Sailfish.

This monster put on a show, but Mate Wilson got the leader and pulled him alongside. The Sailfish spit the hook and escaped safely with the last laugh.

October 19, 2020

The first day of the season filled the refrigerator with Yellowfin Tuna filets, so on the second day Craig and Javier went hunting for trophy fish.

Javier belted up for the first Sailfish of the day. This crazy beauty was darting back in forth above the water.

After a nice battle she was safely released as always.

Craig was next into the breach and waged an epic battle with a big Blue Marlin.

Dario Hernandez joined his father for this trip and snagged a few sandwich-sized Dorado filets.

This trip was also a training run for Mate Antonio, who most of our clients know as our panga boat driver; he will be assuming the mate’s role on the Explorer this year, and will be training with Captain Alex on the Harvester to continue improving his skills.

October 18, 2020

After seven lonely months, the 32-foot Harvester is back on the water. It’s been a long road back and we are stoked to get back to action.

Craig Sutton and Antonio were the first anglers up, and they scored multiple Yellowfin Tunas.

They worked over a school of porpoises with live blue runners on the hook, and scored Yella Fellas weighing 54lbs, 35lbs., 30lbs., and 25lbs.

Great work by the team to bring home the bacon!

February 6, 2019

Craig finished up his birthday weekend on the big battleship and Captain Carlos put him on the fish. Check out this big Sailfish release:

Then on February 5th, Yaya Funes capitalized on the early season Dorado run with several nice specimens caught on a morning 5 hour trip.

Then on the 6th John Egan stepped up the the Discoverer and did battle with several nice Sailfish releases.

They also added more of our staple Dorados for the fishbox.