June 21, 2011

The Wanderer was pleased to welcome Jack Thames and his group from South Carolina for some inshore fishing on June 21. Jack is a very experienced angler and Captain William kept him on the fish with the rods bent.

First, Mr. Thames took advantage of the schools of Rainbow Runners that have been swarming through the area the last few days. Then one of the deep lines ripped off and the telltale red flash meant that the mighty Cubera Snapper had thrown down the gauntlet

Mr. Thames outlasted the big red Buick and was treated to a 60lbs. Cubera Snapper. Later in the evening they boated another great Cubera Snapper, though not quite as massive as the first.

June 9, 2011

Captain David and the Explorer are on a hot streak this month and today welcome client Leo to the Super Panga for a trip to the honeyholes on the inshore reefs. On a quick 2.5 hour trip Leo Koski pulled in a GIGANTIC 50+lbs. Cubera Snapper. He was so excited that he signed up for a second day of fishing right there on the spot.

We look forward to seeing what Leo, Captain David, and the barroom brawler Explorer can pull up tomorrow. Stay tuned!

May 17, 2011

Fred Schramm and Eddie McGowan were kicking some fish butt all over the reef on from May 5 to May 17 with Captain David on the Explorer. Lots of Tunas in all varieties: White, Black, Yellowfin…the action was so hot we thought they might catch a can of Albacore!

Freddy and Eddie fished the next day with slow action, then on May 7 it picked up in a remarkable way. Captain David put them on the fish and they kept the decks bloody from start to finish. They hit shore with ten Yellowfin Tunas and ten Jacks in the fishbox. All the fish weighed over 15lbs., with a few of the Yella Fellas in the twenties.

Fantastic fourth day of fishing on May 9 with Captain David; as if their previous assault on Yellowfin tunas wasn’t enough, they boated twelve more of the meaty Yellow footballs on this trip. This 45lbs. Cuberra was the perfect finish to another great trip.

Fred Schramm and Eddie McGowan would not give these fish a break! On their fifth day of fishing on the Explorer they caught five more Yellowfin Tunas and another nice Cuberra Snapper; the big red Buick was estimated around 35lbs.

Freddy and Eddie came back on May 17 for a victory lap on the Explorer. They did their typical awesome work on the reefs and nailed another nice Cuberra Snapper and one of the largest Rainbow Runners we have seen this season.

Regular readers of this report know that Captain David has a great affection for loudly-colored boardshorts, so you know he was a fan of these Dorado shorts. Great catches by Fred Schramm and Eddie McGowan on a long week of excellent action.

April 28, 2011

Captain David has the Explorer producing consistently excellent trips for her clients. Michael Zwilling booked the Explorer and had a fantastic day. They stayed inside and absolutely pummeled the inshore reef fish.

At the end of the day they had caught a Rainbow Runner (aka Rainbow Tunney), six nice Yellowfin Tunas and a 40lbs. Cuberra Snapper. Great day of rod-bendin’ action from Captain David!

April 8, 2011

Most recently, Ran Davis booked the Wanderer on April 8 and had some really nice catches. Mr. Davis and his group came home with a 40lbs. Cuberra Snapper, four Yellowfin Tunas, and a tasty little white tuna.

Cuberra Snapper in the Water Cuberra Snapper Costa Rica Kid with Tuna Cuberra Snapper

Great inshore action for the Wanderer in a month where the fish are literally chewing the bottoms out of the boats. Great job by the whole FishingNosara Team!

March 24, 2011

Captain David on the Explorer is doing great things for all our clients big and small. Check out this great Cubera Snapper these little dudes pulled in on a three hour sunset cruise on March 24.

Costa Rica fishing with kids

These sunset cruises are a fantastic way for youngsters to learn the craft of sportfishing without committing to a full day out on the ocean.

March 18, 2011

Jack and Matty along with clients Jim and Bryan were out on the Explorer getting geared up for the Ship of Fools Tournament this weekend. With a scoring system that rewards big billfish and multiple inshore species in a weighted fashion, this local tourneo is THE bragging rights event of the season.

Yellowfin on Gaff

To prepare, we are tightening up our Cuberra Snapper tactics in a way that also permits for solid Yellowfin action. This way we can fill up the scorecard in multiple ways. Matty nailed this one late in the day on a 2.5 hour evening trip.

Costa Rica Fishing

Cuberra Snapper

March 17, 2011

There were three trips booked on the Wanderer on March 17 and all of the clients caught fish and had a great time. First up this little dude turned out to be a Yellowfin Tuna’s worst nightmare:

  Costa Rica Family Fishing

Later in the afternoon the Yellowfin bite intensified and the catches kept getting bigger: Costa Rica Yellowfin Tuna Yellowfin Tuna Nosara

Finally in the evening, the big red monster came calling and the boys on the Wanderer knew how to handle the beast. This is clearly one of the bigger Cuberra Snappers of the season so far. What a great day from Captain William and First Mate Alex!

Nosara Fishing Snapper

March 17, 2011

Captain Jack and Matty, the FishingNosara Building Dream Team, took some time off from dialing-in the new Safari Carts long enough to join Captain David for a quick 2 hr. evening trip. In this short time Jack ripped in a nice 40lbs. Cuberra Snapper.

Fishing Costa Rica

Costa Rica Fishing

Fishing Costa Rica

With dinner in the box, Matty ordered the appetizer in the form of a football-sized Yellowfin tuna. They are heading out again tomorrow with more meals in mind. Nice trip to the fish market!

Costa Rica Fishing

Tuna Costa Rica