December 9, 2012

The Super panga strikes again! Gary Cook and his lady on the Explorer for a nice half day hunt and came back with a variety of tasty table fare.

First up with this White Tuna which isn’t a scale-tipper by any stretch but still yields delectable sushi meat that is truly world class. Later in the trip the big Dorados swarmed the Super Panga and this group nailed a pair of big greenies:


December 8, 2012

John Calderaro is a local fella who loves to fish. His name dots the upcoming fishing calender like sprinkles on a doughnut, and on a recent half-day excursion on the flagship Wanderer his crew lit up the offshore Dorados.

The Dorado bite has been unstoppable in recent weeks and this posse got all they could handle from the green beasts.

Great work by Captain William and First Mate Alex as once again the mighty Wanderer brings home the filets for her clients.

December 7, 2012

One day after catching a nice Dorado on board the Adventurer client John Hicks and his lady stepped up to the Super panga and mimicked their performance with another healthy Dorado.

Things really took off for John the next day, when the Explorer encountered a mean 110lbs. Sailfish about 7 miles from shore. It took every ounce of available strength to bring this monster alongside for the release. Great work by Captain David on the wheel and Mate Carlos on the safe release.

John continued the strong fishing by dropping another 20lbs. Dorado and a 25lbs. Yellowfin Tuna into the icebox.

December 2, 2012

Brian Vetrone and his friends had a landmark day on the unbeatable Explorer on the 2nd. First up was the standard ration of Dorados:

They boated four tasty greenies ranging from 25lbs. – 40lbs.

Around 1 pm the line screamed off the reel, indicating that something big had taken the bait. Brian stood tough in the face of this 180lbs. Sailfish and Carlos executed a safe release after a 25 minute fight.

Excellent work as usual by Captain David and the Explorer!

December 2, 2012

Francois Bernier has been in Nosara since November and has waited patiently for his turn offshore on the mighty Wanderer. He scored some excellent Dorado on the Explorer last month and we are stoked to report that the greens kept coming in for him and his group on this trip.

Francois was joined by Mark and Paige Patrizio of New Jersey and the whole group had a blast.

“I thought a trip on the great blue would cheer them up a little,” wrote Mr. Bernier in an email. “And it did… Although we set out for sailfish, we took in four respectable dorados. The team of William and Alex is simply exceptional.”

By mid-day they had three fish in the box, and added some more action later in the day. “Paige had her first experience reeling in a fish without external assistance and she caught it like a pro. The nice fresh lunch thrown in was a pleasant surprise. I tell you, all aspects of this day were top-notch.”

Way to go Francois, Mark, and Paige on a fruitful day of marine life harvesting on the Wanderer!


November 30, 2012

Chuck Darner and the boys just won’t let up on these fish. Two days removed from the first Marlin release of the season, these Jacksonville anglers joined Captain David on the Explorer for a little visit to the fish market.

The Super panga kept her end of the bargain as illustrated by this Dorado estimated to weigh upwards of 35lbs. Add these filets to the Wahoo from their previous outing and I’d say the Darner boys may be coming back to North Florida with some heavy suitcases. Great work by the unstoppable Captain David and the Explorer.

November 27, 2012


Colorado boy Josh Landers joined Captain David of the Explorer for an inshore reef hunt on November 27 and they stumbled into the school of Dorado that have swarmed our area the last few weeks.

These two are just a sampling of the green monsters they put on ice in the course of their 5 hour hunt. Great work by the pound-for-pound champ Explorer!