December 9, 2022

On the Discoverer, Andrew Mendenhall’s family added to their stocked scorecard with another great Sailfish release.

Andrew and Richard also nabbed dinner with this Dorado and Yellowfin Tuna combo.

We received this note from Andy after the trip:

“Jill’s massive Dorado was an amazing fish in the midst of multiple billfish and other large dorado. Carlos and David, just like William and Elias are very skilled captains and crew. Remarkable humans, as well with close family and histories that go back generations.”

“We have had a truly amazing vacation, the first one for my father, sister and I- together in 35 years. All of the boat crews, the staff, Eduardo and family have all been amazing hosts. We are grateful!”

“We are definitely going to book a time in later March or April of ‘24 and will hopefully have a group of about 8-12 for lodging and fishing.”

“Jill will reach out to Bob and I know you are going to love to learn more about her vision and history of fishing in Minnesota!”


December 6, 2022

The season is so young, but we already have our first sure-fire, first ballot FishingNosara Hall of Fame inductee:

This amazing 50+lbs. Dorado was scored by Andrew Mendenhall’s group on December 6. This monster was the largest of nine Dorados caught.

The Discoverer also added a Striped Marlin release and two Sailfish releases.

On any other day this level of billfish action would be an excellent performance, but the mega Mahi-Mahi makes this a day to remember.