August 8, 2019

Our good friend Ed Smith brought his boys along for a day of fishing on August 8. This renowned outdoor photographer got a great subject for his folio, as Captain Carlos reports multiple 100+lbs. Yellowfin Tunas on ice.

Here’s what Ed posted to Facebook: “Unbelievable big tuna day fishing with Captain Carlos. Every fish pictured is over 100lbs. We are all destroyed and toast. According to Sean, its time to drink and celebrate. Pura Vida”

For good measure they added this super Sailfish release:

August 16, 2016

“Rooster fish mania!” writes Ed Smith. “Went out with Carlos and Juan Carlos on the Discoverer today, made bait and turned every bait into a fish.”

“Here are a few of the better ones. Plus a few shots of the tools used today, raised a marlin and sail fish off shore.”

“Was great fishing with Carlos again!”

August 20, 2014

Showing extreme dedication to the hunt, Ed Smith finally scored a Cubera Snapper on the Explorer.

Ed writes: “Finally checked the Cubera Snapper off the list. Carlos and crew worked hard for 3 days and it finally paid off.”

“You know the days gonna be good when you hook up a wahoo first (instead of the bonita we were trying to catch for bait).”

“Craig, we’ve had a great time so far, love the house, the crew, the town and the surf – can you just the roads fixed?”

He also scored another great Yellowfin Tuna and a Yellowtail Snapper. That’s a boatload of filets!

August 17, 2014

Man we love California anglers! A good friend of Shea McIntee (of Stoked on Fishing fame) named Ed Smith has brought his boys down to Nosara for a fun week of surfing and fishing.

On August 17 young Sean scored this excellent Sailfish release on the Explorer.

Ed writes: “Sean joined the billfish club today with his first sailfish on light gear.”

“I on the other hand came closer to my cubera snapper goal, losing a monster on a big popper in a few feet of water.”

“Nothing like seeing a 12-inch wide tail/back come crashing down on the jig! Off to buy more poppers tomorrow!”

 Still, Ed scored some excellent eating fish with a Yellowfin Tuna, Ponpano, and Snapper all on ice.