December 27, 2011

The post-Christmas fishing blitz means that it’s all hands on deck for FishingNosara. Three boats had trips today and all of our Captains report excellent catches.

Atlanta based client Joel Adler split his group between our two mid-sized vessels, the 23′ Nice n’ Tight and the 26′ Explorer.

Captain Eduardo struck early and often with a MASSIVE Amberjack, a beefy Dorado, and a nice Yellowfin tuna for the dinner table with clients Ed, Pete and Deena.

Captain David on the Explorer reports a Yellowfin tuna backed up by a Yellowtail Snapper and a Rock Snapper with Mr. Adler.

Kevin Killerman enlisted Captain Vibert and the 32′ Aimee Marie for a half-day of inshore fishing and he piled the fishbox high with 7 Jack Crevalles. Nice work by the Master Captain and a great first trip back for the Aimee Marie which has been undergoing maintenance recently.

Great action by the whole FishingNosara team!

December 26, 2011

Oklahoma boy Kevin McCarthy spent his Christmas fishing with Captain William and Alex over on the Wanderer and had such fun on the blue water that he came in this morning looking for more!

This time he enlisted Captain David and Mate Pipio of the inshore brawler Explorer to anchor up and see what was lurking on the reefs. They fished from around 8am to noon and caught a nice White Tuna, 10 Bonitas, and a feisty little Jack Crevalle.

Great work by Kevin, Captain David, and the 26′ Super Panga Explorer.

December 23, 2011

FishingNosara is famous for our 2.5hr. Sunset fishing trips. These short excursions are a perfect way to acclimate novice anglers to the craft of Costa Rica sportfishing and also delivers a breathtaking view of the golden Pacific sunsets.

Claire and Chris Lehto joined Captain David on a sunset trip and made the most of the 2.5 hours: They caught three nice Yellowtail snappers and a meaty Cubera Snapper estimated to weigh 25lbs. Fantastic work in no time at all…another great sunset fishing trip for the Explorer.

December 17, 2011

Mark Shaw had such a blast fishing this week that he signed up Captain David and Pipio for an extra day of action. The green water made the decision to stay inshore a no-brainer, and Mr. Shaw filled the fishbox of the Explorer with fresh fish filets.

Highlighted by a 20lbs. Cubera snapper and more than a dozen Jack Crevalles, Mark also picked up this Yellowtail snapper to round out his trip to the fish market. Great job Mr. Shaw!

December 15, 2011

Mark Shaw enlisted Captian David and the Explorer for a fishing trip today that took them all around the Garza area and brought great fish for the table and the trophy room.  In the morning they stayed inshore and around 9:30 bent the rod with this nice White Tuna.

With dinner in the box, Captain David headed offshore to blue water where Mr. Shaw had chances at lots of fish. Around noon they lost a big Dorado and soon after  a sailfish. A hour of near-misses passed, then the fish of a lifetime came barrel-rolling through the spread.

Mate Pipio saw him first and alertly pitched a rigged ballyhoo down the exhaust alley. The Black Marlin showed his bill as he snatched the bait, and Mark buckled in for a wild ride.

After 20 minutes of combat this 200lbs. Black Marlin gave up the fight; Perfect bill and release by Pipio to ensure the safety of the fish and angler.

The Explorer proves once again that big billfish don’t care how big the boat is, so long as the right Captain, angler, and tackle are on the scene to take care of the job. Great fish, great release, great trip for Mark Shaw!