December 20, 2015

Our old buddy Mike Burling has returned to Nosara from the hard-fishing town of Fernandina Beach, FL and once again scored wonderfully on our stretch of blue water.

The legendary Explorer was the scene of the battle, the highlight of which was this bonkers-big Yellowfin Tuna!

More big Yella Fellas were in the area, and met the same fate as their big brother:

They also nabbed few Sailfish releases:

They did have a big Marlin on the line, but the powerful beast spit the hook after a short sparring match with Mr. Burling.

That’s OK…we’ll get him next time!

June 10, 2015

Mike Burling and his crew of legendary Fernandina Beach anglers have put a whopping on a lot of billfish in Nosara over the years, and they added to their legacy with a huge day of Sailfish releases on the Explorer.

They started the day with this sweet Double Sailfish release.

Great fish-handling by Mate Kevin to see to both safe releases.

The crew picked off Sailfish one at a time for the rest of the day, scoring four more releases.

December 5, 2014

The question every Captain asks at the beginning of a trip is, “Inshore or Offshore?”

You gotta love when the answer is “Both!”

Mike Burling and the crew stayed inside in the morning of December 5 and were rewarded with an excellent Rooster fish release:

Satisfied with the trophy release, they had Captain William point the Wanderer offshore to Sailfish City where they scored multiple releases, including a Double:

The double Sailfish trouble proved no trouble for these Fernandina Beach, FL anglers:

The next day they mimicked the same battle plan, with eerily similar results.

A nice pair of Rooster fish in the morning, followed by sweet offshore action in the afternoon.

Kind of nice when a fertile 80 foot reef and a 2500+ drop are only 6 miles from port!