March 9, 2019

Kenny Strickler and Charley Smith posted an excellent day of Sailfish releases on March 9 with Captain Alex on the Harvester.

Seems like after each release the mega panga had another fired-up Sailfish in the spread ready for action.

The season is getting good when you see big numbers of Sailfish, especially when they are this energetic.

Great work by Mate Wilson to ensure the safe release of these monsters.

March 5, 2019

Charley Smith and his boys scored lots of Sailfish releases with Captain Alex on March 5.

These monsters were fired-up for the fight and put the crew of the mega panga to the test.

Eight Sailfish releases peppered the scorecard for the Harvester.

Great work by the Harvester!

February 23, 2019

Henrik Fruelund came to us all the way from Europe to ply the blue waters off of Nosara. He selected the mega panga and they got down to business quickly.

The pelagics were fired up and each put on a tailwalking above-the-water display on the way to the safe releases.

Fantastic work by Mate Kevin and Captain Alex to ensure the safe survival and release of these sportfish.

They returned the next day (February 24) for more firefights with fierce Sailfish.


Once again the Harvester was up to the challenge, and successfully fought several Sailfish.

All of this billfish battling can cause one to work up quite and appetite…thankfully they added a big Dorado for the dinner table.

February 22, 2019

Shane Wealton treated his father to a Nosara fishing trip in late February, and on the 22nd they filled up the fishbox with lots of Dorados.

The Harvester reports several big Mahi-Mahis, each weighing in at around 30lbs.

Shane put some Instagram filters on the best pics and posted this nice message on social media: “Blessed day with Dad!!!!!!!”

February 19, 2019

The Robert family stayed near to shore with Captain Alex on the 19th, and they ran the gauntlet of our inshore species. These big red Cubera Snappers are a real treat.

Then the Harvester pulled in this big Pacific Amberjack.

Once the filet bag was filled to the brim, they scored a wonderful trophy fish release with this excellent Rooster Fish:

Inshore or Offshore, the Harvester delivers the goods!