April 18, 2018

Miriam Schroers’ family enjoyed all that our inshore fishery has to offer with an amazing performance on April 18.


After an excellent early-morning Cubera Snapper score, these anglers corned a medium-sized Wahoo who drifted a little too close to shore.

It’s unusual to catch a Wahoo this close to shore, but with Captain Alex it’s quite normal to score a nice Rooster Fish release.

Great work by Captain Alex and the Harvester!

April 17, 2018

Captain Alex kept the Harvester close to shore on the 17th and scored big.

Kerri Handrigan’s group nabbed the first Rooster fish release came early in the day, and a second found the hooks just before noon.

The third and final Rooster Fish came calling at 1230pm, right before the end of the trip…Three nice trophy releases in just a five-hour trip!