July 31, 2018

Captain Fico took angler Jeff Tomcsik offshore on July 30 and found the Sailfish laying in wait.

This aggressive high-flyer provided great fishing memories, while these Yellowfin Tuna weighed down the dinner table.

The next day they scored a true fish of a lifetime with this excellent Blue Marlin release.

They finished the day inshore and scored another awesome trophy fish releases with this Rooster Fish.

July 26, 2018

When we say that the fish are fired-up in late July, this is what we mean:

Alan Brewer and his group were the beneficiaries of these fired up billfish, the leader of which was this beautiful Blue Marlin.

After that amazing catch, Team Brewer belted up for an awesome Double Sailfish battle.

Great work by Captain Alex and Mate Kevin to keep these two monsters from getting tangled and ensuring a safe release for both fish.

July 22, 2018

For those still clinging to the old notion that the fishing in Costa Rica is not white-hot in July, please check out this July 22 trip from the Harvester with angler Carlyle Smith.

This monster Marlin was just the tip of the iceberg.

A big time Sailfish wasn’t far behind, and the mega panga was there to pull her in.

Another great Sailfish also found its way to the Harvester.

Normally a big day full of billfish releases would be all that you need, but why not add some big Dorado filets for the fishbox?

Oh and in case you are wondering, all of these catch came on just a 6.5 hour trip…imaging if they had gone for a full eight hours!

July 19, 2018

The white-hot billfish bite continued on July 19 with Captain Alex reporting a mammoth day for angler Steve Balz and his boys. This monster Blue Marlin was the highlight of the trip:

The Marlin was backed-up by this great Sailfish release:

Of course the boys didn’t go home empty-handed, as a squad of tasty Dorados found their way to the fishbox.

Awesome work by the mega panga Harvester.

July 17, 2018

Brady Ballard brought his posse from Austin, TX for a packed week of action on the blue water with Captain William running the gamut of fish on July 17.

This early-morning Sailfish release was quickly followed up by a variety of tasty table fare.

First a big Dorado, then a pack of Yellowfin Tunas…looks like dinner is served!

A big monster came late in the day. This monster Blue Marlin is a true warrior and it took the best boat in Central America to capture and release her.

Great work by the mighty Wanderer.

July 15, 2018

The Sherley/Jasak team continued their hot streak on the 15th with more great Sailfish action.

A pair of Sailfish releases got the party started, and then a MASSIVE Blue Marlin showed up looking for a fight.

Great work by Mate Johnny, Captain William, and this fun-loving group of Florida anglers

We got this great email once they got home:


“I returned last week from my trip to Nosara. Chet Jasak had booked the trip for us over a year and a half ago and it was great to finally get to go fish with your team in Costa Rica. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the trip and will recommend Fishing Nosara to everyone.

“One of the guys we took fishing with us has ALS and his mobility and strength are not the best. Both Captain William and Captain Francisco really accommodated us so that we were able to help our friend Bob land both a Sailfish and Marlin.”

“Bob was a diver and commercial fisherman in his earlier years, we are all 71 or older, and as he said this was probably his last chance to catch a Sailfish or Marlin and Captains William and Francisco made it happen.”

“If Francisco wanted to he could have ended our day earlier but he hung in and we got the Sailfish at the end of the day. Captain William had to work the Wanderer over and over to keep the Marlin in position so Bob and I could get it landed. These men and their crew (Johnny and Elias) are much more than just employees, they have heart and your are blessed to have them on your staff.”

Frank Bellizio
Tampa, FL
July 16, 2018