November 19, 2017

The Harvester stayed inshore with Clayton Laskowski and his posse for a great day of action.

According to Captain Alex’ trusty Boca Grip this Cubera Snapper clocked in at 38lbs. Then they nabbed a nice Queen Snapper:

A big Dorado wandered inshore and fell into the Harvester‘s web.

Lastly they scored this nice-sized Wahoo. Pretty sweet to go home with three different kinds of filets!

They also busted this Barracuda who was trying to steal from the pantry:

Time for refreshments after a long day of action!

June 8, 2016

The Explorer started the month of June with a fantastic run of great catches. The Sailfish were thick offshore and the Super Panga was all over them.

Later in the week Captain Fico stayed inshore and filled the fish box with tasty filets of Dorado and Cubera Snapper.

While inshore, the legendary Explorer also scored several bucket-list caliber Rooster Fish releases.

Great work by the 26-foot barroom brawler!

May 25, 2016

Art and Christine Jones knocked it out of the park on the 25th with a wide array of fish marking up the scorecard.

After nabbing this tasty Queen Snapper, the Wanderer headed offshore to hunt Sailfish.

They stayed cool with these new FishingNosara self-cooling hats, and that spelled trouble for these high-flying Sailfish.

The height of the day’s action was this triple hook-up, with all three Sailfish safely released:

Even with this full scorecard, the never-quit Captain William put the lines out one more time and nabbed another pair of Sailfish.

January 6, 2016

Andre de Wit’s group has split up between the Adventurer and Explorer to maximize their coverage of the inshore reefs.

Captain David and the Adventurer scored several Snapper and other tasty reef dwellers:

The also boated a big Jack Crevelle and two medium-sized Rooster fish releases:

Great work by the extreme panga fishing tandem and the fearless Andre de Wit group!

August 17, 2015

Captain Fico has been rocking and rolling on the 23-foot Adventurer this month. Check out these excellent catches:

From Queen Snappers to Jack Crevelle, Captain Fico has the inshore reefs dialed-in and is providing big smiles for his clients:

Captain Fico snagged a Rooster fish of his own on an off day in mid-August.

Nice “day off” for Garza Bay’s fastest rising star.