May 21, 2011

On May 21 we had an excellent sunset fishing trip on the Wanderer with Craig, Paula, Daniel, Alvaro and his wife Patty. The highlight of the three hour tour was the release of a beautiful 35lbs. Rooster Fish by Patty.

In addition the rest of the party knocked out five Bonitas and three tasty football-sized Yellowfin Tunas. This shows how the right crew and the right boat can deliver great fishing action in just three short hours. Great job by the Wanderer!

April 13, 2011

A few weeks back while pre-fishing for the Ship of Fools Tournament, I asked Captain David Barrantes of the Explorer if there were any other area captains who he didn’t like. See in Florida we get really competitive with other boats, especially during tournament time.

David looked at me like I was crazy and laughed off the question. “Matt, we are all friends on the water.”

Captian David Barrantes

Sure enough, these guys really look out for each other. From sharing the location of good fishing spots to giving away excess bait, the Ticos of Garza bay are family first, fishermen second.

It is no surprise then that when longtime FishingNosara mate Vibert Blanche, Jr. received his own boat, the Secret Spot, that Captain David joined him for an afternoon trip to help shake down the new craft.

David and Vibert shared the duties of rigging, gaffing, and angling like old friends. I imagine that seeing these two titans of Garza fishing in the same boat scared the bejezzus out of the fish, and with good reason.

David on the Gaff Shot

Vibert on the Gaff

By the end of the trip they had caught several nice Yellowfin tunas and this beautiful Roosterfish.

Vibert and Yellowfin Tuna

Costa Rica Roosterfish

Though the Secret Spot is not currently a part of the FishingNosara fleet, we wish young Vibert the best of luck on his new boat…after all “We are all friends on the water.”

Costa Rica Roosterfish

January 17, 2011

Client Ed Haynes released a 450lbs. Marlin on the Wanderer today. Great work by Angler and crew…Check out Captain William himself on the billshot.

Also while bobbing around Garza Bay, First Mate Alex hooked up this massive 80lbs. Rooster Fish. Of course we released this fish immediately but it is still a heck of a catch for so close to shore. Nice fish Alex!

August 9, 2010

It was as real special honor to welcome Sam August, Shea McIntee, and the rest of the Inside Sportfishing crew to Nosara for a week of enjoyment in our little slice of paradise. They took several Costa Rica Safari Tours of the surrounding areas and absorbed the pura vida culture, food and fun.

They kicked off the first of their three full days fishing with a real treat: The Return of Travis Tabor! That’s right, he was back on the Wanderer to finish the Grand Slam.

All eyes and lenses were waiting for Travis’ Rooster to rear it’s head. First thing in the morning, he nailed this 30lbs. Rooster Fish, completing the Costa Rica Grand Slam. Throughout the day the TV show crew boated a half-dozen Yellowfin tunas.

Congratulations Travis, you have accomplished one of the rarest feats in Fishing.
Pura Vida Amigo!

July 5, 2010

I forgot to mention that last month I got the chance to fish with my good friend and Lifetime Achievement Hall of Famer Richmond Phipps and her daughter Brooke Shields. She was there for the awesome Rooster fish (pictured above) that we caught with a live bonita. Richmond is a legendary angler and in her life has had immeasurable impact in the lives and well-beings of our Captains, crew and staff. We love you Richmond!

May 14, 2010

On May 14th Client Mark Padilla from Samarra booked Captain Vibert for a morning trip. The Captain pointed the Cabo towards the offshore reef and begin to tease the bigger fish up from the bottom. First Mate Vibert Jr. and client Mark were jigging the deep water off of the transom, waiting for the first nibble when BOOM!

A big, mean, hard-fightin’ Rooster fish started peeling off line like it was cotton candy and dove straight down. The Captain and crew were patient and let the big fella tire out. They kept up about 3 knots to keep the fish honest and made the slow spiral overhead. The Rooster followed the water column up like a spiral staircase right into the Cabo.

Upon release, this Rooster felt to weigh about 45lbs.

Not one to rest on success, Captain Vibert then put Mark on a nice macarella and nine black tunas. Pretty good for a morning, huh?

Apirl 11, 2010

Most recently a gang of anglers from Jacksonville, FL were on the blue water and showed the world how we get down in Northeast Florida. Gary Newman got things rolling with this spectacular Striped Marlin:

Then was followed shortly after with another grand Rooster Fish for Chuck Darner:

Then Bill Wilderotter nailed this MASSIVE Broomtail Grouper…70lbs. if its an ounce!

Things are dialed in on the Wanderer, but hurry up and reserve your dates as the calendar is filling up fast. The Marlin and Sails aren’t going anywhere…

But you can’t get them unless you book the Wanderer today. Pura Vida Amigos!