January 19, 2014

Shawn and Jen Riley won their trip to Nosara from the Wavemasters Surfing Tournament last year in Jacksonville, and their half day on the Wanderer delivered two excellent Sailfish releases backed up by a big Dorado on ice.

Jen was the hot rod for the day, breaking the ice early with the Dorado and closing the day with the second Sailfish release.

Shawn followed up with a big Sailfish that almost took him into the drink for a bath!

Great work from another in long line of fish-catching Northeast Florida clients.

January 15, 2014

Catherine Chase and Ron LaGro have been fishing with us since 2009, and the Wanderer always performs when they take to the blue water. Click this link to check out their prior trips; these two are pulled off the first Double Sailfish release!

Anyways, their trip on January 15 produced the baddest Black Marlin of the season so far…take a look at the shoulders on this gorilla:

Let’s watch from the hook-up to the release:

Ron LaGro fought the Black well, allowing it to tire itself out deep rather than allow it to put on an aerial display.

The fight was short and efficient and Alex executed a perfect release as usual.

Later in the day Catherine scored on billfish with this lovely Sailfish release.

Ron countered with a Sailfish release of his own to finish off the trip.

Amazing work by the flagship Wanderer and these super-angler clients.

January 15, 2014

Mike Burling and his group split up today between the Explorer and the Adventurer but just because it was panga day doesn’t mean they didn’t head offshore.

Check out these fine blue water specimens roped in by Mike on the Explorer

After the Sailfish release they also capitalized on the bite with a nice Wahoo and Dorado on ice.

Nice trophy release and meat for the fridge? Just another great day by Captain David and Mate Kevin on the Explorer.

Captain Carlos had nice action over on the Adventurer, with this 25lbs. Dorado as the highlight:

January 14, 2014

Mike Burling has returned to Nosara to continue his pursuit of big blue water trophy fish. This group of Northeast Florida anglers are hardcore fishermen and they know what to do when the big Sails swoop in.

The bite was on something fierce, leading to five Sailfish releases for this group of four anglers.

They added this nice Dorado to keep the fridge full of filets.

Excellent hunting by Master Captain William and great releases by the incomparable First Mate Alex.

January 13, 2014

Record Smashing day on the Adventurer today!

Client Michael Quigley and his lady started their trip with a MASSIVE Sailfish released just two miles from shore.

They followed up with a GIANT Snapper…we think it is a Cubera but we have never seen this shade of red before; perhaps is is a Mangrove Snapper but who cares? Look at the size of this beast:

They rounded out the trip with a gaggle of Yellowfin Tunas on ice.

This is the kind of day we expect from big offshore battle wagons, but the amazing Captain Carlos is coaxing this kind of action very close to shore in a 23-foot vessel; we can’t wait to see what the switchblade pries up next!