November 7, 2017

Our great friend Hubble Keller closed down the season a few months ago on the Harvester with a strong Marlin release, and wouldn’t you know that he got things started this year with another one?


Hubble and the boys were just getting started as they backed up the Striped Marlin with some nice Sailfish releases.

For the dinner table they hooked up three big Dorados and put them on ice.

Great start for Hubble Keller and the mega panga!

October 19, 2017

James Wills came to Nosara primarily to surf, but he brought some friends along for an afternoon half day with Captain Alex on on October 19th.

This big Dorado got the afternoon off to a hot start, and was backed up by a similarly monstrous Mahi-Mahi:

A third fired-up Dorado put Team Wills to the test but was no match for the Mega Panga:

After all these filets ended up on ice in the fishbox, a little finch perched on one of the anglers’ head:

This must have been a good omen, because a late day Sailfish strike put the exclamation point on this great fishing day.

Awesome work by James Willis and his posse!