August 5, 2019

Mitch Rabin and his group scored big on the Explorer with Captain Fico reporting big catches and big fun. These sweet Sailfish releases top the barroom brawler’s scorecard.

They also added several big Yellowfin Tunas. Notice that while they are posing with one fish another is already on the cooler.

For variety they also nagged a tasty Dorado.

Excellent work by Captain Fico!

August 3, 2019

Trey Taparauskas and Frank Doss lit up the scoreboard on August 3 with Captain William reporting a four-species day. First up was this incredible Blue Marlin release:

Then the Yellowfin Tuna swarmed the flagship’s spread and was no match for the mighty Wanderer.

A random Dorado also found his way to the fish box.

The final fish of the day was this awesome Sailfish battle and release.