May 29, 2014

We welcomed a big fun group of folks from our hometown of Jacksonville, FL and they scored some great inshore lunkers aboard the Wanderer.

Henry Starling, Rick Tullis, Richard Hosey, and Mike Glenn brought their families along for this inshore conquest and it is safe to say that all mouths were fed by these excellent Cubera Snappers.

They also added a pair of trophy releases in the form of these excellent Rooster Fish:

Great work by this posse of North Florida anglers!


May 28, 2014

Our new pal Tracy Anderson just finished up three back-to-back days of inshore action with a wide variety of tasty filets on ice.

The Adventurer hasn’t skipped a beat with Captain Fico at the helm, as proved by this nice Cubera Snapper.

Tracy followed up with a few smaller Snappers:

Plus a Yellowfin Tuna and a Yellowtail Snapper…that’s a grand a haul!

May 12, 2014

Now there is no way to top a quadruple Marlin day, so the dynamic duo of Chris Escabedo and Will Havens decided to focus on the refrigerator on their May 10 trip.

The highlight of their haul with this fat 20lbs. Cubera Snapper, plus they backed it up with a handful of small Jacks and small Tuna.

The Discoverer beats the heat with a icebox full of meat!

May 7, 2014

Our new friend Jon Athan is a hardcore surfer who has recently discovered Super Panga fishing, and in the last month he has been wearing out the reefs on board the Adventurer.

This Queen Snapper is a very rare catch for our area and the crew tells me that these are some of the best tasting fish in the ocean!

Mate Fico has kept Jon right on top of the bite and his catches got better and better over his three trips this month.

Great work by the new helmsman of the Adventurer and our new friend Jon Athan.

May 6, 2014

The hits keep on coming for the plucky Adventurer. Mate Fico took this couple out for a half day and they scored this brilliantly colored Amberjack. Check it out:

Who says you need a big boat to get big fish?

That is a very rare catch for our area and the crew tells me that these are some of the best tasting fish in the ocean. Truly this is a testament to the fish-finding power of the the Adventurer.

February 6, 2014

Chad Langley and the boys finished off their week of furious fishing with more Sailfish release and some excellent eating fish on the Wanderer.

Chad tried to give the Sailfish an early Valentine’s Day present: a little kiss upon release!

They rounded out the day with Dorados and a tasty little Yellowtail Snapper.

January 13, 2014

Record Smashing day on the Adventurer today!

Client Michael Quigley and his lady started their trip with a MASSIVE Sailfish released just two miles from shore.

They followed up with a GIANT Snapper…we think it is a Cubera but we have never seen this shade of red before; perhaps is is a Mangrove Snapper but who cares? Look at the size of this beast:

They rounded out the trip with a gaggle of Yellowfin Tunas on ice.

This is the kind of day we expect from big offshore battle wagons, but the amazing Captain Carlos is coaxing this kind of action very close to shore in a 23-foot vessel; we can’t wait to see what the switchblade pries up next!