December 31, 2012

Brian Justice and his family enjoyed a full day on the Wanderer and since the billfish were scarce early in the trip, Captain William pointed the flagship inshore and cleaned-up on a wide array of species.

They started with a handful of Jack Crevelles, then graduated up the tastiness scale to the delectable White Tuna.

Finally their time was rewarded with a world-class hunk of table fare known as the Mullet Snapper! The meat on these fellas looses its density once the fish grown over 25lbs, so we usually don’t get excited about them. However these little fellas yield a flaky, lobster-like meat that it hard to top.

Looks like some folks have a few awesome meals in their future thanks to the unshakable Wanderer.

July 15, 2012

Clients Nicholas Jaros and Ian Milligan booked the unstoppable Explorer for a hybrid inshore/offshore half day trip. We are stoked to report that both phases were very productive.

This Sailfish release was timestamped at 10:35am and is proof that our billfish bite is consistent in the hours of 10am and 1pm. Nice release by local legend Marcos Bala who was assisting Captain David as the mate on this trip.

Later in the trip they scored this excellent-tasting Mullet Snapper. A close cousin of both the Cuberra Snapper and the Atlantic Red Snapper, these tasty morsels yield a flaky white meat that literally melts in your mouth.

This specimen is just the right size at around 25lbs.; any bigger and the quality of the meat declines. Great work by the anglers and crew of the Explorer on a well-rounded day of fishing.

June 27, 2012

Excellent action on the Explorer today for client William. Captain David caught up with a school of Dorados and in the afternoon they caught over two dozen of the tasty greenies. They ranged from 10lbs. – 15 lbs., but add it up and that’s a lot of fish filets.

Later William caught a beautiful 15lbs. Mullet Snapper. These reef dwellers yield a tasty, almost lobster-like meat and annual catches for this species are usually single digits.

Excellent production from Captain David and the Explorer!

May 23, 2012

Craig and Paula were at it again, joining Captain David and the legendary Explorer on the afternoon of May 23 for an inshore harvest. They got things off to a quick start with three nice Yellowfin tunas weighing over 30lb. a piece.

Then they drifted over the fruitful reef at Pincha Padre and pulled up this interesting Mullet Snapper, estimated to weigh 12 delicious pounds.

Great late-day action by the Explorer, a boat that catches fish rain or shine, early or late.

December 31, 2011

Senior Eduardo Berrios has become a great friend to FishingNosara over the last year since his first in early January 2011. To celebrate the New Year he brought three generations of the Berrios family to the Explorer and they had a magical trip.

Captain David and Mate Pipio were honored to welcome Eduardo’s father and daughter and show them a great day of inshore action. Throughout the half day trip they caught three White Tunas, a Cierro Mackeral, a 20lbs. Blue Jack, a Barber Snapper and eight Bonitos. That’s a lot of rod-bending!

The highlight of the day was a 30lbs. Dorado that is unusually large for such shallow depth. Seems like he wandered inshore right into the Explorer‘s spread and Abullo Berrios knew exactly how to bring the big fish home. Great catches by all three generations of Berrios!

Check out the video that Eduardo posted to our Facebook  page from the boat! This 21st century stuff is getting out of hand folks.

Surrounded by family and with excellent fish in the box; Great way to end a fantastic year for FishingNosara!

September 27, 2011

After a great day of fishing with Kurt Stecken, Captain David noticed the clear weather was sticking around and decided to squeeze in a quick family trip this morning. Joined by Nosara Paradise Rentals GM Javier Hernandez, Captain David and Betsy had a very fruitful 3 hour morning trip.

Nice roosterfish! Estimated to weigh 25lbs, this rooster was released. Later in the morning these locals put some dinner on the table in the form of three nice Yellowfin Tunas and a Yellowtail snapper.

It’s always great with our staff gets some time on the water. When one considers the effort to launched and recover both boats in a single morning it is clear that Javier and Captain David deserved some fun fishing. Awesome work!

January 2, 2011

Our good friend Eduardo Barrios is back in Nosara. With several trips on the Wanderer under his belt, Sr. Barrios was itching to try the new Explorer. He brought his youngest daughter out and Captain David put them on some fish early and often.

“Lost track of how many black tuna,” writes Eduardo. “At least 10 plus one jack and two snappers.  And of course we lost several great hits that we just couldn’t get any leverage on. Below is a pic of what we took home.”

“We also had the opportunity to see a few sting rays, a whale, lots of turtles and dolphin. My daughter absolutely loved it.”