November 6, 2018

Captain Alex kicked off his season with John Purdy,  John Van Diver, Mike Pickelsimer and Dale McElroy reporting eleven sweet Dorados on ice.

The Harvester has been itching for action, and found what they were looking for as these monsters topped out at 60lbs.

They caught so many that Captain Alex chose to release this big one so as not to hurt the fish stock.

Great work by Captain Alex and the Harvester!

October 8, 2018

Our rainy season fishing campaign concluded with a trio of trips in early October with angler Troy Davis enlisting the Explorer for blue water action.

Several Sailfish releases were backed up with a literal boat load of medium-sized Dorados.

Mr. Smith and his crew got out of town just in time to avoid some historic flooding. Some areas of Nosara endured 30 feet of flooding.

The flooding in Nosara has been challenging, but the Ticos are working together and helping each other out.

Here is the 23-foot Adventurer with Capitan Alex, Antonio, and NPR staff Jeni and others getting some local kids to high ground.

The waters have since receded and things are getting back to normal.

July 22, 2018

For those still clinging to the old notion that the fishing in Costa Rica is not white-hot in July, please check out this July 22 trip from the Harvester with angler Carlyle Smith.

This monster Marlin was just the tip of the iceberg.

A big time Sailfish wasn’t far behind, and the mega panga was there to pull her in.

Another great Sailfish also found its way to the Harvester.

Normally a big day full of billfish releases would be all that you need, but why not add some big Dorado filets for the fishbox?

Oh and in case you are wondering, all of these catch came on just a 6.5 hour trip…imaging if they had gone for a full eight hours!