March 17, 2011

There were three trips booked on the Wanderer on March 17 and all of the clients caught fish and had a great time. First up this little dude turned out to be a Yellowfin Tuna’s worst nightmare:

  Costa Rica Family Fishing

Later in the afternoon the Yellowfin bite intensified and the catches kept getting bigger: Costa Rica Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin Tuna Nosara

Finally in the evening, the big red monster came calling and the boys on the Wanderer knew how to handle the beast. This is clearly one of the bigger Cuberra Snappers of the season so far. What a great day from Captain William and First Mate Alex!

Nosara Fishing Snapper

March 17, 2011

Captain Jack and Matty, the FishingNosara Building Dream Team, took some time off from dialing-in the new Safari Carts long enough to join Captain David for a quick 2 hr. evening trip. In this short time Jack ripped in a nice 40lbs. Cuberra Snapper.

Fishing Costa Rica

Costa Rica Fishing

Fishing Costa Rica

With dinner in the box, Matty ordered the appetizer in the form of a football-sized Yellowfin tuna. They are heading out again tomorrow with more meals in mind. Nice trip to the fish market!

Costa Rica Fishing

Tuna Costa Rica

March 4, 2011

The blue water is bubbling with action this weekend and our boats and Captains are ready to pull some fish out of the boil. Yesterday, client Chris Graves on the Wanderer hooked up a big sailfish but lost it after 40 seconds of jumping and tailwalking. He finished his day inshore and caught a pair of nice Yellowfin tunas.

This morning our great friend Katherine Chase is out on the Wanderer seeking Sails, Marlin and Tunas. Also, Robert Mederos is out on the Explorer already scouring the reefs for Roosterfish and Tunas. Should be a great day!

February 28, 2011

Captain William welcomed these clients back to the Wanderer for a pleasant three-hour tour (sorry…it’s the Gilligan’s Island skipper hat that gets me).

Fishing Girl Costa Rica

Lines were popping the whole trip as they staying inshore over the reefs. They got a wide variety of fish including Yellowfin Tuna, Black Tuna and this nice Amberjack.

Girls Fishing in Costa Rica

Girl with Fish Costa Rica

Most importantly, everyone had a blast out on the water. Great trip!

February 27, 2011

Fantastic weekend of fishing for client Elliot and his posse. On Saturday they kicked off the morning on the Wanderer and caught a MASSIVE Cuberra Snapper. In the afternoon they went offshore and raised a few billfish.

Then on Sunday they accompanied Captain David on the Explorer for an inshore tuna hunt up and down the reefline. They action was intense with many multiple hook-ups and lots of surface activity.

First they caught and released this excellent Sailfish …

Costa Rica Sailfish

Costa Rica Sailfish

then moved inshore where the fishing was on fire! The Yellowfin bite would not let up until the fishbox was literaly stuffed. Thank goodness we are so close to shore because there was no way to close the cooler.

Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin Tuna Catch

They packed the fishbox of the Super Panga with 22 Yellowfin tunas by days end. Great work Elliot and crew!

February 26, 2011

The whole team was out on the water today, and though the big billfish were elusive today all of the boats got on some fish. There was a pair of sailfish strikes on the Wanderer but no releases; they spent the afternoon working over the inshore reefs and caught two Yellowfin tunas and a sweet Amberjack.

Explorer Fishng Boat

On the Explorer client Jess Lockmon took a 2.5 hour sunset fishing trip with Captain David, and they caught a fat Dorado on a slow troll. Great ending to a very long day for Captain David who mated on the Wanderer all day before this trip.

Yellowfin Tuna

If there’s fish to be caught, you know that Captain Eduardo and the Nice n’ Tight will be right on top of them. With clients Steven and Liam on board, the biggest little boat in Garza had a field day on some football sized Yella fellas.

Yellow fin Tuna

Great day for the whole FishingNosara family.

February 8, 2011

What a fantastic day for the whole FishingNosara team! All Captains were on the water today and each caught lots of fish.

In the morning, Dennis was on the Explorer and caught three White Tunas, a bunch of Black Tunas, a nice Amberjack and lost two giant mysteries on the bottom. Captain David has got the Explorer almost dialed-in and the best catches are on the way from the Super Panga.

In the afternoon Kurt on the Cabo caught 12 Black Tunas and three macarellas with Master Captain Vibert. The Cabo is on a tear right now and Captain Vibert shows no sign of letting up.

Meanwhile over on the Nice n’ Tight client Steven brought home the bacon in the form of six White Tunas and two tasty Yellowfin. Great days for all the clients and proof again that FishingNosara delivers the Best Sportfishing in Costa Rica.