November 30, 2009

On November 30 it was Wayne Patterson’s turn to harvest the blue waters, and this Jacksonville Beach native knew exactly what to do. He got on this huge wahoo and brought her all the way in on a stand-up fight. “It was awesome, man,” Wayne said in an email. “My first wahoo ever and I’ll never forget it.” It was enough of a catch to make the newspaper all the way back in Jax Beach.

Wayne was joined by fellow Jacksonville client Rocky Warpool and his buddies, and right off the bat Rocky caught a HUGE Blue Marlin. The following day they had an incredible time on the Dorados and more wahoo, plus they had about as much fun as you can have. Check out these big smiles!

Here are some great videos that Rocky shot on this trip:

November 28, 2009

It was a great honor to welcome Senora Richmond Phipps on the Wanderer for a pair of half-day trips on November 27 and 28.

Sr. Phipps has been a fixture in Nosara for over 30 years and is a constant source of inspiration and guidance for everyone who knows her. Don Horn, Craig, and Manuel were along to catch three 12lbs. Black tunas and a 15lbs. Yellowfin. On the second day Richmond reeled this Dorado.

To end the day they trolled over the inshore reefs and applied a special tactic the FishingNosara has developed to catch huge Cuberra Snappers. The approach takes patientce, strategy, and lots of strength on the reel.

It worked to perfection, landing two 50lbs.+ monsters in less than an hour.

November 25, 2009

On November 25 the Wanderer was full up again with Craig, Matty, Lucy from Los Angeles, and ‘Lucky’ Brian from San Francisco. Brian is an avid surfer who has visited Nosara for several years, but didn’t want to go fishing because he thought he was bad luck.

No such thing in these waters, my friend! Brian and Lucy absolutely destroyed the schools of tuna on our inshore reefs. Of course, Brian was the icebreaker, catching this 12lbs. Yellowfin tuna first…for the rest of the trip his nickname was ‘Lucky’.

Lucy is an LA County Lifeguard who knows a thing or two about water rescues, but I bet she never had a fight in the water like this Yellowfin tuna. She hung tough, and by day’s end there were eight yummy tunas for the Californians.

November 24, 2009

Captain William welcomed Jacksonville clients Pat and Phil Mickler along with their friends Sue and Russell for a trip offshore. The weather turned out to be a little rainy and the big fish were tough to find; however better luck was found on the inshore reefs.

They caught four 10lbs. Yellowfins on a variety of tackle, including some nice spoon-casting done by Mr. Mickler.

November 23, 2009

November 23 brought a great group of folks on board: Barb and Miles Johnston from Canada, Dan Ray (on again-off again Costa Rican resident), and our good friend Greg Vetto from South Florida. After a slow morning, Dan Ray hooked up this beautiful Wahoo that only got in the boat after nearly ripping Dan’s arm off at the shoulder.

A few short minutes later and Barb got into a nice fight with a 25lbs. Dorado. With Miles and Craig pitching in and the Wanderer’s fighting chair holding fast, Barb and the other clients were breaking out the wasabi sauce in good time!

While that fight was on, Greg very quietly was dueling a Black tuna by himself on the port side. While the crew was busy reeling and gaffing Barb’s Dorado, Mr. Vetto caught himself a nice fish. Greg released the fish and joined the rest of the boat in some well deserved fresh sushi.

November 22, 2009

With all the excitement surrounding the launch of FishingNosara’s newest boat, the Wanderer, let’s take a moment here and welcome her top-notch crew. Captain William Barrantes Mendoza and mates Alex and David are all lifelong anglers with deep local roots, and believe me they are more than capable of running such a fine boat.

After releasing four out of the nine Marlin raised in late November, the Wanderer set her sights on more of the big boys. On November 22nd Captain William was joined by Craig and Matty of and Nosara Paradise Rentals’ head builder Danilo for a 3/4 day of Marlin hunting. Sure enough one more raised, caught, and released for the Wanderer, this one approximately 350lbs.

Chris Savitz of Jacksonville was aboard with Craig and Captain William for several fishing trips in late November. Mr. Savitz was part of the team that rigged the Wanderer and it was quite a thrill for him to catch this massive Dorado. Now, Mr. Savitz is not an especially big guy, but you got to love that this fish is taller than Chris.

November 5, 2009

Captain Vibert then welcomed a very esteemed client, Mr. Sigurd Michelsen, to the shores of Nosara for a two-day fishing excursion. On November 5th they cruised the offshore depths and brought in two cubera snappers in the 15-30lbs. range. They also had two more on the line, but they were too massive to pull in this time.

On November 6th Sig was back onboard the Cabo for another day with Captain Vibert. They had a blast and swooped up some nice fish. He caught a pair of yellowfin tunas each weighing 15lbs. and a pair of black tunas weighing 10lbs. They also reeled in a big 65lbs. amberjack.

Finally Captain Vibert put Mr. Michelsen on a bubbling patch of water and dropped all the lines right into the middle. They found out what was causing all the fuss when the line popped off and shot straight down. One good hour of fighting later and Sig pulled in a Sleeper Shark (called a Whale shark in some places) weighing over 450lbs.